Help with my first plumeria? :)

thais_lex(9)March 11, 2014

Hello everyone! I have always been a fan of plumerias and have bought my first one this past November :).

It is a Madame Pele and I would very much appreciate any advice on care, watering, and what I should expect from all you lovely knowledgable people ^_^.

I will try to get a picture on here some time this week but my little plumie has 3 branches and just came out of dormancy with the beginning of 4 little claws on each head of its branches.

I had bought it rooted already and was warned not to try to transplant it until early spring. I am planning to move it to a much bigger pot sometime this or next week and was wondering if i should apply rooting hormone or do anything special before moving it?

Also I'm looking into buying/rooting some cuttings in the near future and I was wondering if there was any other way to root other than scabbing? I've heard that you can apply root growth hormone and plant. Is that true?

Sorry for so many questions! I am really excited for the growing season to start and hope to hear from you guys soon!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

hello and welcome. Congrats on the beginning of your new additction. LoL

First off where are you located so we can best help you with advice from people who live around your area or are in your zone.

If its warm enough, above 60's you can start leaving it outside. If its been in the house you will need to acclimate it slowly by giving it a warm shady to partly shady spot for a week or so. You can also give a little bit of water but not too much until it has some half to full size leaves.

You dont need to use any root hormone since it is already rooted.


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haha i know right? I'm already planning a trip to San Diego for the socal cutting sale this coming April to attempt to get at least two more different colored plumies ;D. I live further inland in SoCal, just slightly south of LA. Alright will do. Now I have an angle's trumpet that has a case of spider mites at the moment. I don't plan to put them next to each other, but we are having some winds where I'm at and I was wondering if that should be something I should be worried about?

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