Will this "rooted" cutting make it..

ShellysPlumies(9 (southern cali))March 7, 2013

So I purchased a Leona hoke rooted cutting on eBay. That's what the title said but I just don't think it's rooted well enough.. The little roots it has look almost dead... What do you guys think? Should I keep it? Or return.. I just want to be sure the plant will make it.

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I'd return it. In my book, that's not a rooted cutting.

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If you can't return the cutting or get a refund, I would try cutting it back a bit, check to make sure you see a clean white core with zero discoloration and if all looks good you might try rooting it using the bag method.

I would also notify E-Bay that anything advertised as "rooted" should actually have visible, viable roots!

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ShellysPlumies(9 (southern cali))

So the guy wont give me a full refund.. hes offering for me to buy an unrooted cutting for 5$ off which comes out to 17.95.. not to mention i have to pay the shipping to send it back!! geeshhh. Honestly i dont feel comfortable giving him more money..

He says that cuttings that have already been rooted are always easy to re-root if the roots have accidently been pulled off.

I payed good money for this rooted Leona Hoke cutting.. super disapointed..

Debating if i should cut off the end that seemed to have had roots before or jus leave it as is and pot it back up? What would you do?

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krismast(6 S.E. PA)

Don't give in to this seller! File a claim with PayPal and eBay. This is NOT a rooted cutting and is false advertisement. You are entitled to a full refund without having to send anything back. I've dealt with people like this before on eBay. As soon as you get PayPal or eBay involved, the seller usually gives in.


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One would think an "accident" would mean the roots made it into the shipping container and you are in possession of them but the are not on the plant.

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in Texas we call that man full of bullsh$$! That is not a rooted cutting and he should pay you the full refund plus shipping. File a complaint. Do not give him any more money. Give him a bad review.
Good luck!
Tally HO!

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I would not cut this. It is callused well enough to root. Just plant it. I would use a clear coke bottle with holes drilled in the bottom and the top cut off, in order to see what is going on. It is more likely to lose it if you recut it than if you do not.


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