Clown Pepper

tomatonut(9a FL)March 23, 2011

Hi all

I am planting a clown pepper this year. This is one I have planted before, but for the life of me I cannot find my notes on what it looks like, tastes, etc. When I google "clown pepper" I get dozens of pages for Pepper or Peppers the Clown! Anyone hear grow this variety and have a picture or a link to a description somewhere? Thanks for the help.

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Could it be Jokers hat?
Seems like I heard it called clown once...

From RainbowChileSeeds
Joker hat


Capsicum baccatum
Plant produces good yields of large bell blossom-ended fluted fruits they ripen from green to red with medium heat, plant have white flowers tall plant with thick canopies,also known as Chrismas bell.

Similar to bishops cap/crown,Baloon pepper,Orchid pepper...

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas Pepper

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tomatonut(9a FL)

Thanks for the great link. My wife remembers this from a few years ago and she seems to think this is the one. Thanks again.

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