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RipnlipMarch 11, 2014

Hello fellow Chili~Heads. New to the site and have found that you all are some very knowledgeable folks. Glad I found this place. My lady and I have been growing various peppers the last 3 years on our small patio in La Jolla California. It�s been lots of fun for us and it seems to get more addicting every year. She and I are avid ocean fisherman and our catch seems to take well to being seasoned with our grown peppers. We did mostly Cayenne's and Jalapeno's the first year. Added some new varieties the following year including our hottest the Reaper. Great flavor I feel though if you can find a way to use it. We are well on our way for this year but I think I have some room for another 1 or 2. Is anybody willing to share some Aji Lemon pepper seeds? Had no idea they had a lemon like flavor which we love on fish. I have seeds to trade, not sure I will have anything any of you experienced growers would want. I am excited to be here and will post some pictures as soon as I can. I have used LED grow lights to start my plants and will need to share that info as well. They work wonderfully in my opinion. Currently on Lunch at work and the photos are at home. Thanks everyone for being the awesome community that you are.

Thanks all,

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Welcome to the forum, Ripnlip.
I am also a rookie here and have learned a lot here the experts.

About Aji Lemon, maybe somebody will have it to share. But incidently, I was in HD yesterday, looking at the seed racks, as I was passing by. They have Aji Lemon, sold by Burpee. It is called just "Lemon", because "Aji" means "Chili pepper", right?
. Anyway, there was also nice a picture on the package. Beautiful golden yellow color. Maybe I will buy a pack and grow a few too. I am already growing close to 15 vars. under light.

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Hey Seth. Welcome neighbor! I'm in Santee myself. Can't help you with the Ajis.. I've never grown them, but I'm sure somebody has some seeds here. They seem to becoming quite popular -- I'll have to try them some year.

Good luck.


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Ripinlip, there are a lot of generous folks on here that have helped me out. Scorpion john sent me some aji limon seeds as well as many others in a lopsided âÂÂtradeâÂÂ. I am growing them currently for the first time. I will check to see if I have any seeds left and if I do you are welcome to them. However, if all my plants die before I get a ripe pod, and yours donâÂÂt you have to send me some seeds back at the end of the year lol. Send me an email with your address and ill let you know asap. Unfortunately, for a lot of us we cannot grow all year round so this is a bad time to try to get seeds. By this time I would imagine that most people have either already traded them off or have already sowed them. In the fall, people will have all kinds of seeds to trade.

P.S. Anyone know if there is a difference between the aji limon, aji limo, lemon drop, and hot lemon? Or are they all the same pepper?


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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Just check Burpees rack at Home Depot.
The have it.

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@ Seysonn Nice to virtually meet you. Thanks for the tip to look at my local HD. Never thought about that but Burpee has been good to me in the past. Looking forward to learning like you have.

@ Whoohoo Man Kevin with that screen name I thought you might enjoy one of my favorite local beers brewed by Ballast Point. Whahoo. Glad to virtually meet you Neighbor. Thanks for the tips as I have gleamed lots from your various other posts already.

@Scott Hey thanks for that my friend. I will check out HD so I don't cause you any trouble. Shorter seasons must cause heartache. There has to be ways around it though with all the tech. Of course the cost has to be justified. Hopefully we can help each other out in the future.

Thanks again everyone.


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DMForcier(8 DFW)


I don't think Aji Limon and Lemon Drop are exactly the same pepper, but they are very close. Interchangeable IMO.

Fatalii is also known for its citrusy taste. I can recommend both it and Lemon Drop.


Here is a link that might be useful: Look up pepper names here

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