black squash bugs on zucchini plants

donthaveagreenthumb(8a)June 26, 2013

Is it actually possible to kill the black squash bugs on zucchini plants? I've tried Sevin, two different brands of a 3-in-1 product (insecticide,fungicide, miticide) and an insect killing soap with seaweed extract and none of them worked. I had those critters drenched and dripping wet and they still lived! but all my zucchini plants except one have died and this last one isn't doing well. I've tried picking them off by hand and killing them but there's no way I can keep up. I can plant more seeds but not till I find out how to handle the squash bug problem. Is there anything that really kills these bugs? I would love to experience having so much zucchini that I have to give it away! :)

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Pictures please.

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Here's a picture of the squash bugs I'm dealing with.

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Squash bugs are difficult to control and the broad spectrum poisons such as Carbaryl, malathion, etc. will kill off any predators of them that might be in your garden. Insecticidal Soaps, Neem Oil products, horticultural or canola oils are of some help with less harm to the environment when used properly.

Here is a link that might be useful: Squash Bug control

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Squish them witth gloved fingers or tap them into a can of soapy water held under the leaf. Don't poison your food.

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Thank you kimmsr and susanzone5 for your help! I appreciate your suggestions & will use them. Also, thanks kimmsr for the link to the website. Lots of good info there. Didn't have this much trouble when I lived in MI lol :)

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Ewwww that ugly bug! The past couple years my squash plants just up and died. I thought it had something to do with cucumber beetles. This is the first time SEEING, disgusting squash bug. I never knew. Have read all I can on the creep, have somewhat of a question here. I checked all of my plants, so far there are NO eggs. But the more I check the more squash bugs I find. I am killing them with an insecticidal spray so far. Wondering have I hopefully caught it in time??? Or will the inevitable happen and I will lose all my plants. I will continue to scout for them daily, they sure do hide well. Most of the information I have read seems to say that your first indication of infestation is in finding eggs. I am hoping with diligence maybe this year we will have squash all summer??? And what about them cucumber beetles, yep they are there to. Do all the right things rotate crops, till every fall, keep all plant debris out of the garden. Quite frustrating to say the least. ANY HOPE

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