which insecticide should I use ?

ericpgJune 22, 2010

I found that there are two insecticides in Canadian Tire from the same maker as following:

1. Scotts EcoSense Bug B Gon Insecticide Concentrate with Pyethrins

2. Scotts EcoSense Insecticial Soap Concentrate with Fatty Acides

Does anyone knows what the difference is? I am going to use one for my rose garden.

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Which to use depends on what it is you need to control. As a rule Insecticidal Soaps have a lower toxicity with a lower environmental impact then anything containing pyrethrins. Some insect pests can be controled by a sharp water spray, aphids for example.

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My problem comes in the form of burnt roses bushes after using insecticides; if I don't use any then the Japanese beetles and Aphids and others eat the leaves, buds, and what few flowers open...we're talking 28 bushes here and assorted "others", not a job for the left over dish water.Any one managing to actually stop multiple pests in their roses without spending a fortune ???

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Any time someone has a large insect pest and plant disease problem I tell them to take a good look at the soil their plants are growing. More and more you will find horticulturists as well as people like P. Allen Smith, Rebecca Cole, the guys on Garden Smart, even Jamie Dury, tell you that plants growing in a good healthy soil will be better able to resist insect and disease attacks. Although this is not an organic gardening forum, necessarily, one of the basic tenets of organci gardening is just that, plant growing a good healthy soil will be better able to withstand insect pests and plant diseases.
Many people, to control both, will spray many poisons around the garden and kill off the insects that could aid them in controlling the pests, creating a large buffet for the insect pests to dine on unhindered by predators.

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You will hear that same ol' same ol' from some on this forum (and others)...."healthy soils produce healthy plants,better able to resist insects and disease" (and send you to sites, that if you actually read them, does not back them up). Yes, often times it does work on some plants in some areas...but also often they have a disregard for people in other area's with other plants....they dont know you or your area (or the problems you deal with). I work with some commercial, organic farmers...they really know how to take care of their soil. Do they have insect pests..of course they do...leaf diseases, YEP!!!
You have an aphid infestation on your roses..."spray them with water", "use dish soap", "wait for the predators to appear"...often times people can/are willing to do this, usually they just want the problem to go away.

For ericpg...maybe a simple soap (#2) would work great (at the very least, you are combating the pests physically, not chemically...no concern about resistance building up).
For you, if you are dealing with those issues on roses, because of where you live (and I am SO GLAD we dont have japanese beetles here), consider planting some other pretty flower. Otherwise, learning how to use strong control measures will be your schooling (plus figuring out why you are burning your roses...that should not be happening if you are following labels. Normally it is something simple...double check everything that you are doing)

Sorry everyone (and ericpg), thats just my opinion.....


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

rogerroses, you should be able to gain control of the aphids AND the Japanese beetles with a commercial insecticidal soap and with a couple of applications of neem oil. Read and follow the directions, of course.

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