2014 Plumeria Purchases

KimberlyApril 5, 2014

I thought it'd be fun to post what everyone has purchased so far or what they plan to get this year.

Today I planted 7 cuttings that I purchased -- Jeannie Moragne an a mystery from MPG, and 5 cuttings from Wendy -- Divine, Rhonda, California Sunset, Desert Sunrise, and Xquisite.

I am also waiting to hear from John about a Milan too.

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They look snug there. What are the bitty seedlings?

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A few varieties of desert rose seedlings. ;)

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Adeniums are my 2014 plant (every year I pick a new type of plant to learn about... Plumeria were my 2013 plant so I bought a couple, rooted some cuttings and planted some seeds). My sister gave me some imported adenium seeds for Christmas in preparation and I've been patiently waiting for it to warm up. I don't have a cozy box like that for them! Are they kind of like plumeria seedlings?

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Since I have more room this year I bought last month 7 rooted plants from Matt. A Puu Kalea, Don angus, fantasy Island, Waimea, Kaneohe Sunrise, J. L. Pink Pansy, and a Kona sunset. I already had a few of them but since the price was right I thought that I would get a few more and see which ones bloom first. LOL I am very happy with them and do have my eye on a couple more but will see what happens. I also have almost a hundred which I am rooting so at this rate I might run out of room. I do sale off the extra ones in the late summer when most are blooming. And it looks like it is going to be a great year. With so many that are going to bloom. I have not counted them lately but most have close to 400 + plants. I can not wait to see all of the first time bloomers this year. Enjoy your weekend, Barb

p.s. Here is a picture of some of my backyard from a second story window.

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Wow you got a forest there barb13. ;)

Disneyhorse -- I think they are different an a bit more slow going than plumeria seedlings. Their seeds are teeny tiny too, almost like the size if a cooked rice grain.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Wow Barb! Looks like you have a plumeria farm going! LOL.

Hey that what one of my neighbor asked me and I only have around 80! So 400... wow... please share photos when they bloom!


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I would love to see this same photo when they're all leafed out and in bloom!

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I will keep everyone updated. Only problem with that picture is that it does not get the whole yard. Many more and I even have room for a veg. garden. It is a great year. Barb

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

I have no plans to purchase anything new this year. I pretty much have all I want short of one or 2. I may have to have someone stop me from going to Southwood when they get their JJ plants in.


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Kim - WOW!!! Your setup looks excellent and what an AWESOME bunch of new plumies you got!!! So many nice, multi-tip ones! And who's that giant in the back right corner?!

So exciting! How is Wendy doing?! Sounds like she's doing great, so happy for her! I miss talking to her - I'm not on FB anymore and she's not on here really anymore but please do tell her I said hello if you talk to her.

I love your adenium seedlings too! I have a bunch of adenium arabicum and obesum that I've grown from seed and they are so fun! They grow really fast but don't take up as much space as plumeria. I'll have to post some pics.

Barb - I love all of your space back there for your plumies! (Is that a goose or a duck (and babies?!) back there?!

I got antsy and bought a few plumies this year, here's what I got. If they say rooting, it's because I CHECKED! haha! I was afraid because Bill started rotting for some reason and I had to check the rest before it got too bad to stop like I think Bill's is.

Scentsational - cutting - LOST IT

Artistry - cutting - ROOTING!

JL Hawaiian Sunset - cutting -ROOTING!

Jefferson's Gold - cutting - ROOTING!

Lurline - cutting - ROOTING!

Mystery - cutting - tried rooting, developed a "walnut" type callus so had to re-cut and currently trying to re-callus.


Bill Moragne - cutting - have had to cut it back twice, seeing if it will callus but it's not looking good. I must have not had a good callus to start, I don't know what happened. :(


Cindy Schmidt - cutting - also started to look rotted at the bottom, took it out, re-cut and now callusing.

Katie Moragne - bought rooted - broken by the post office but both pieces are looking fine right now.

And of course some seedlings heh heh!

Too many but you all know how this story goes, LOL!!!

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Not a real duck and her babies, got from a neighbor when she passed away.

I have bought 3 different times a Bill Moragne and have never been able to get them to root. Don't seem to have problems with other ones. I hope that yours does much better.

Now that the pool is filled in I have so much room but at the rate I am going I am going to run out of room. Well, I will worry about it when it happens.

One of the pictures from last year.

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One more picture from last year. This is the first time that my Duke has bloomed and I was not disappointed.

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Emily - That big baby is the 'Jeannie Moragne' I got from Doug. It's circumference is probably the size of a half dollar or better. It is the beefy-est cutting I have ever received. It formed a nice small callus on it within 1 week of receiving it before I planted it.

I believe Wendy is doing swell. Her business is doing really good -- always getting nibbles on cuttings / plants on her Double Peak Plumeria FB page. Also her family is expanding too -- she posted on her personal FB page that she is gonna have twins. ;)

I still have my Waimea that I got from her. I hope to see an inflo this time around if not, I am gonna give her plenty to eat. LOL.

I also won't be getting Milan from John. He didn't have any available in 2 gallon. A bit of a disappointment but oh well, I have several lovely varieties to look forward to [if] they root for me. But I will admit I have also been eye balling 'butterfly gold'. Love the veining plus its bloom is quiet large. I still have some of my seedlings. They are approaching the 2 year old mark. Queen of Hearts (mother plant was a red australian variety), is 17 inches tall and plumping up -- she has nice dark green leaves with red/orange veins, my VCR seedling is 22 inches tall and plumping up nicely as well. Also my Deep Desire is about a foot tall -- she also has nice dark green leaves with red/orange veining. QOH and VCR are currently in 2 gallon pots. Also I have starting some more seeds as well. So far I have about a 5-6 inch penang peach, mr ambassador, kaneohe sunset, 2 kimos, and 2-3 mary moragnes. I only keep the ones that shows red/orange/pink veining on the leaves b/c I think maybe they'd make interesting plants someday.

Barb - Lovin' your Duke, looks real pretty. :)

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