Finally, all my staring has paid off!

jandey1(TX8)April 29, 2013

Hope you all had a great weekend!

I, for one, had a terrific one in which I found several surprise inflos! After intense scrutiny (and encouraging mumbling) over the course of several days, I spotted this on one tip, and then also on the second tip of my two-tip Dazzler:

YEE-HAW! What an over-achiever! I was already impressed with Dazzler as a robust and attractive plumie, but the two-for-two inflos makes it a winner in my book.

Then I spotted the same tell-tale peaks on one of my California Sally's four tips--woo-hoo! I'm also watching a couple on some NOIDs and one oh-please-let-it-be tip on Penang Peach. This gets me up to possibly eleven total inflos, after two years of seeing nothing except the inflos on newly-acquired plants. So gratifying!

Then, this morning I found that this Desert Sunrise inflo:

had turned into this:

Oh, yeah, that's the stuff of my dreams! Wanna see it again up-close? You know you do!

Here it is:

(Hey, ebay sellers, don't steal this photo. Seriously, I will come after you.)

Hubba, hubba! And thick-petaled, too, though I didn't get a scent from it.

And just because they're so cheerful, here's a pic of my cattleyas that opened earlier than usual this year:

And finally, thanks to K's Jeannie cutting, a picture I call "Optimism":

Anyone who's owned a Jeannie Moragne for a while will understand. ;-)

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Yeahhh! Good for you!

You'll love Penang Peach! It's such a good bloomer for me. And your heat should really bring out the colors.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)


Love your Desert sunrise it looks just like mine, LOL. Watch it really turn red when the heat kicks in. Mine doesnt have much scent as well.

The rest of your photos are so nice!

I keep forgetting to snap some pics of the brugs you sent. They are really taking off.

my inflo count so far is
3- thumbalina
2- Califonia sunset.

Im really hoping and praying for some Scentsational flowers this year since I got none last year.


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wow, Jandey..good minds think a like..plumeria in cobalt pots...all mine are in dark cobalt. I am going to have the most inflos this year I have ever had...again, YEE-HAH! roxanne

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WAY TO GO JEN!!! OMG, 11 inflos???!!! You are not playing around this season I see! LOL! Good for you! Lucky for us you take some sweet photos too. I'm looking forward to many more from you.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


I need you to come stare at mine. I think I might have one developing on Celadine but maybe I need your intense scrutiny to spur it along? ;)

Love the pics.
Does your cattleya have a scent?
You know us scent hounds want to know such things. :)


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Thanks, everyone!

Dave, yes, the Penang Peach does indeed look like it's got an inflo coming! Should turn nearly orange and red in our heat--can't wait!

Mike, I'm kicking myself for not just giving in and getting DS before. When will I learn?! Glad the brugs are doing well for you. Looking forward to your pics, too, especially of CA Sunset in the OK heat!

Rox, I love the cobalt against the terracotta pots, too. Very Mediterranean. Sounds like you'll be posting some bloom shots this season, too, eh?

E, better yet, you should just come up here for lunch one Sunday when all these flowers open up! Have a poke around my little garden. There will finally be enough flowers here to make it worth your trip!

Robert, you just need to think "Jedi mind trick" when you stare these puppies down, lol! I even resorted to threatening a couple of them. If My Valentine doesn't pop an inflo this year, I'll really have to get mean ;-) And yes, that cattleya does have a nice scent! Wish I could get it to multiply so I could share it. I have no idea what the name is but it's been a reliable bloomer for me, with no fuss at all in our heat and drought.

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Wow for Desert Sunrise. How big is flower? I like the veining, shape, and of course colors. I bet it will be a great heat enhanced flower.

Sounds like last year's work is going to pay off. I bet by June you will have twice as many inflos. They are there but just not showing yet. I think the cool, gloomy spring weather slowed them down by a few weeks.

Love the big plans for the jeannie. Three to four years will be enough to make it proportionate to that pot. It could be one of those "Successories" type of office artwork. Although most clientele besides one of us might not get it.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Hey jen, check this out. You should get a show like this too with your CA sunset.

August 12 2012, high that day 99 low 73

same flower september 19th High 89 overnight low 54

Its like having 2 plants in one!


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Jandey, I would LOVE to start posting photos...not a clue how to...have a cannon 5Dmarkll and always capture in RAW and I don't think that will work...need to hit an apple class I macro I use gets the smile on the ladybug as she crawls around on the plumies. roxanne

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Congrats, Jen!!! So happy for you. Not to make it about me ('cause it's not), but I predicted just a few weeks ago that you would be getting a ton of flowers this year--I knew you would.

OMG Desert Sunrise is beautiful and now the tables have turned! I want it BAD lol

Looking forward to all your pics this season :)


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WOW! Jen, your time has come to show off your beauties. Congrats! Looks like a good blooming season for a lot of growers. It sure must have been a good year last year but we just didn't know it. Looking forward to all your blooms. Peg

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Jen!!!

This is your year!!

You have worked hard and have been so patient last year, so YOU do deserve this "year of the inflos.." I am so happy for you. This is a great lesson for everyone wishing for inflos... Be patient.. Wish to the "Plumeria Gods.." and

"STARE" at the ends everynight!! LMAO!!!

We both know how we all look at our trees and hope to see the start of the "buldging end.." and think.."could it be?" WHen we answer our own questions... and say "YES" It is the best feeling..

Love all of you pics and noone deserves thhe blooms more than you.. You have done well in getting your cuttings to root and now have great success..

Jeannie looks great in her container!!!

Congratulations to YOU and your new inflos!!

I am also glad that we have siblings.. It will be fun to see them grow together.. Thornton Maverick is a special beauty and you will be so happy.. I can't wait to hear your

"CHEERS" This is to a great year to us all!!!!

Take care,


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K, this bloom is exactly 2-1/2" across (yes, a tape measure is part of my garden kit!), but I imagine it'll get to 3" when the plant is bigger. The petals are thick and the flat shape is perfect. Should definitely have it on your list! The only disappointing thing is it looks like all three tips are only going to produce one branch each...weird.

Mike, I don't have CA Sunset but I have Penang Peach and the two are very close. You're right: yours looks like two different plumies!

Roxanne, all I know is I hook the cable thingies to the camera and the computer and the computer does the rest. Then I pick the ones I want for my Flickr account and it's pretty easy from there. Lord knows I'm not good with tech in general, but even I can upload pics!

FINALLY, Greg, a plumie I have that you want, LOL! Our temps haven't been that high yet DS still made some gorgeous veining. And you know I loves me some orange! Yes, you MUST HAVE one!

Peg and Laura, it is so wonderful to finally have some payoff from all that fretting and fussing! Thank you all for "listening" to me whine about how I had no blooms last year, lol.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Im sorry Jen. I read California Sally and just thought of Sunset, LOL.

here are the brugs and GO seedling you sent me. They are doing so great!! I cant thank you enough.


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Oh, my gosh, Mike, those plants look very happy in their new home! Thanks for the update.

And to update you: I let your cutting callus in a humidity chamber until yesterday to make VERY sure it cured long enough! Will let you know when I see leaves. Thanks again!

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Yippee on all the inflo's Jen!

I love your "Optimism". My Jeannie is still rooting but I'll keep that in mind! LOL

Looove your Desert Sunrise. I am particularly fond of flowers with veining. Very pretty!

Today I determined that, yes, there is a developing inflo on my white noid marathon bloomer. Once that thing starts blooming it goes until winter... or has in the past. I hope for the same this year!

Thanks for tossing in a pic of your cattleyas, too. It's beautiful!

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