GreenAcersLady re eggplant

PunkinHeadJones(7)August 2, 2011

What kind are they ? Pick while the skin is still shiney.even thogh my plants are still vigorous in the heat the fruit seems to be small for the "classic".

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I don't know the variety because I bought them at Atwood's and they were just labeled "eggplant." They are still shiny, and definitely small compared to the ones I've bought at the store. Maybe I'll go ahead and pick one and see if its ripe. Thank you!


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Suzie, the "just eggplant" I got at Atwoods is definitely small, the biggest has been the length of my hand, and slender. If you wait too long the start going brown on the inside too. It was a good producer for me. I also got some fairytale there. I've never been successful with the big kinds of eggplant.

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