Oversummering Pepper Plants?

johnweh(10 Boca Raton FL)March 1, 2011

I've read many messages about overwinterig pepper plants. I have the opposite situation in my neck of the woods. It's so hot & humid here in south Florida during the summer that the pepper plants have trouble surviving. Although I do have 1 serrano from a year ago, the others have sadly pasted away.(RIP) Does anyone have any tips on getting peppers to make through Florida summers?

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Shade cloth.
From late June to Aug. here it's 90+ degrees but dry.
Going to bigger pots and using shade cloth works for me but you get the afternoon rains a lot.
I use green 80% stuff.
I think the bigger pots kept the roots from cooking and also held more water longer-less watering etc.

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I also live in Florida and I pit all my plants under a giant oak tree from june til september. Try letting them get sun in the early morning .That mid day sun will fry them . Once they are big enough they do not require much direct sunlight.

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johnweh(10 Boca Raton FL)

I'll consider the shade cloth. A couple of concerns are the high winds we have & how to secure it. Also, I had a plague of tobacco hornworms last year that even with twice a day inspections they ate half my peppers & tomatoes. The shade cloth might make it hard to spot the hornworms before it's to late. I still have at least 3 months to formulate a plan. All of the peppers are in containers so I could put them in shadier areas of my yard. I'm starting to experiment with planting in homemade growbags & I've found that the soil temps are around 25 degrees cooler than black plastic nursery pots. They do require more watering, but I like the drainage better.

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My plants are in the hot desert sun. Shade cloth will help keep them healthy.

I have never lost an established plant due to heat, even ones in full 118F sun for days.

They will wilt so they look like dead, but as soon as they get shade they perk up again.

Of course they will not set fruit until it cools down

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Paint your pots white if you have heat problems with the soil/roots also place them behind somethig so the pots(not plants) get no direct sun.A chunk of plywood,cardboard whatever.
For any kind of caterpillar type thing I've found that Caterpillar killer bio stuff works great for me.


Shop around I find prices varry GREATLY for this stuff.

Here is a link that might be useful: caterpillar killer

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