Where can I get my cutting rooted for me?

ShellysPlumies(9 (southern cali))April 2, 2013

Hey guys!

So I had recently posted about how I have this cutting that has the most beautiful orange blooms that my nieghbor gave to me. She gave me one previously but it died :( But since she is really nice, she gave me another.

So where can I send my cutting to get rooted? I really dont want to be let down again and Im willing to pay but not too much..

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kt2fl(okla z7)

Hi Shelly,

Since you're in SoCal you can probably get in touch with Diane Gotti and she can graft it for you. I know Florida Colors also does grafting if you send them your cutting. I haven't heard of a plumeria rooting service yet (maybe there should be one!).

Of course if you're not feeling gun-shy about rooting anymore, you could give it another try. Remember to let it callous for at least 2 weeks before you pot it up. Use well drained mix and bottom heat if temps get below 60F.

PS: That sounds like a lovely plant, do you have a picture of its blooms? Too bad her tree is still small but she seems very generous in sharing some cuttings with you :-)


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ShellysPlumies(9 (southern cali))

No unfortunantly theyre not blooming yet and I havent taken any pictures of her blooms inthe past.. :(
But how do I find Diane Gotti? does she have an email or anything?

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kt2fl(okla z7)


You can get a hold of her on facebook. I see her posts on there frequently. There's also a video presentation of her grafting technique.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grafting Plumeria demonstration

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ShellysPlumies(9 (southern cali))

Thanks! I sent her a facebook message I hope shes not too busy..
But thank you so so much

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