Pics from the Garden today.

romy6(9)March 10, 2012

The weather has been great her in Florida. Not trying to rub it in just sharing the love.

Some of my plants.

Yellow cardi scorp

7 pod brain strain

7 pod red is all loaded up

And my garden helpers are back!

And 7 pod barrackpore

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Looking good! Nice to see some pepper pods. I got a few flowers :-) time to pack up and move to FL!

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I envy you folks in warmer zones. My starts are now just putting out their 2nd and 3rd set of true leafs.

Note to self: move south!

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Nice!! I just have baby sprouts except for what I overwintered. You'll be heating things up in no time with all those pods!

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esox07 (4b)

Yah, I'm way behind too. What are those really tall almost tree like peppers against the wall??? Are those overwintered peppers or is that one year's growth?

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Hey Bruce . The biggest ones are 7 pod brain, bhut jolakia, chocolate habs and a few hybrids. They are all about 7 months old.

Thanks T I am fortunate to live where I do.

Thank you Mark and Bill. We got plenty of room for ya here.

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esox07 (4b)

7 months old? Those things are growing like trees. Wow. Is that normal for those varieties? The only one I have grown in your list is the Bhuts and mine while getting to be about close to 4' high were about as wide and very leafy. That was one growing season from mid January to late September. Here is a picture of mine in mid September. The two on the right between the red bucket and the gallon milk jug are basically merged into one.


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WOW! Nice romy6, I'm jealous, mine are only about 5" tall for the biggest ones.

and Bruce, I really like your setup. I'm building more raised beds this year, so I now have about 14 - 4' x 12' beds. But I really like your idea. I may have to try that with some of mine.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Jaime, that's a nice hedge of peppers!
You're way ahead of the game, my man!


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t-bird(Chicago 5/6)

lol! and I was just admiring my radish and spinach sprouts out back!

Bruce - can you explain your elevated bed? How deep is it? and was it for more sunshine or a back back or why off the ground?

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Thanks everyone for the props.

Bruce that is normal for those varieties. I have not personally but I have seen them grow 6 to 7 feet tall.

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esox07 (4b)

Romy6. Cool, I like pepper trees.

The raised bed is something I decided to make before I got into peppers. I wanted to be able to grow a few veggies but I have a bad back and bending over and planting seed, starters and weeding is rough on me. So, I figured I would just bring the garden up to me instead. It is about 4-4.5 feet tall at the top. The dimensions of the bed itself is: 2.5 or 3' wide by 18" deep by 8' long. I could bury someone in there an no one would be the wiser. ahahahaha.

Over the past 4 years, I have put every manner of compost, soil, amendment that you can think of. Since I filled it, I just dump in extra stuff whenever I have it and maybe a bag of garden soil and/or manure each spring. It is a lot of soil in there. Well over a cubic yard I beleive. Basically a mega container. I made it out of 2x6 boards from an old deck. I lined it with weed stop material to keep the soil from leeching out through the cracks. It was heavy as heck empty. It was rough getting it moved out there from my garage. And filled. Well, it ain't going anywhere. It gets nearly full sun there where it is. The tree on the right side blocks the very early morning sun and their is a small tree branch just above it that gives it a bit of shade mid summer when the sun is highest during the day. It basically is facing SW.

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