Whether to start over

Sandy16March 19, 2014

Hello. I'm new to starting my plants from seeds. I have a variety of peppers, about 30 plants ranging from Italian sweets to habaneros. I began in January and now have peppers growing on many of them. My question is whether it would be better to transplant the fruiting plants outside in May or to start over with new seeds and younger plants? Currently they are in milk gallon jugs in south facing windows so there isn't a huge investment in them and I still have plenty of seed. Thanks for any thoughts.

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peppers are perennials and will grow as long as you keep them alive. there is no reason to start over.

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Thank you. Some of them take so long to produce that I wanted to be sure to give them enough time. I just wasn't sure if there would be a bigger transplant shock risk with a more mature plant. The peppadew plants are huge but not thinking about fruit. All others are gearing up.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Welcome to the pepper addiction forum.

You started them at the right time. IMExperience transplant shock doesn't depend on plant age or size. In un-drained milk jugs you need to be very careful not to overwater, and a south window will become less able to provide light as the sun climbs. You might consider putting them outside for several hours on warm days.


P.S. Please put your zone in your profile so it shows on every post.

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Dennis, This is off topic, but how do you get the Zone to stay in the Profile? I entered my zone (7), and saved my profile, and it comes up blank. I've manually entered the zone on this post, but I wish I could get it to permanently stay in the profile and come up automatically.

Thanks, Tom

OK, Please disregard the above. I played around and it seems to be fixed. Sorry!

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I agree, if you can get them to survive until the summer and you have the room for them until then, by all means, stick with them and you will have a great head start when the weather cooperates.

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Sure wish I had space for 30 1-gallon pots in south-facing windows!, LOL!

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Thanks all! The peppers are addictive to grow! There are so many varieties that I would never get to try if I didn't.

don555 - You'd be amazed how many plants will fit on window ledges and a bookshelf :). I have no normal houseplants.

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