vaherbmomJune 21, 2013

I read the FAQ and have a harpoon-style trap.

We have only caught one mole so far. I can see theitunnels and entry holes all over my raised beds, I'm guessing there must be a large number of them in there.

Any suggestions?


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Good solid research says a mole needs about 1/4 acre of territory to exist so all of the tunneling you see is most likely from just one mole. While on occassion you may get more than one mole your resident mole will try very hard to drive off any interlopers. People do tell me that I am wrong about this and they have trapped several moles in the same place, but you also find that these moles were trapped over several weeks, not the same day.
If moles bother you enough to set traps just keep doing that knowing that you will always be trapping moles unless you sterilize your soil so there is no food for them to eat. Some people I know have trapped between 40 and 50 moles every year in the 40 years I have known them and have not yet made a dent in the mole population.

Here is a link that might be useful: About Moles

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thanks for the help, although your answer is discouraging!

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