fertilizer on crepe growth

P.J._in_MDJuly 15, 2012

I've heard and read that crepe myrtle's don't prefer fertilizer. I started using Carl Pool's crepe myrtle fertilizer this year and the combo of the fertilizer and lots of water has made a noticeable difference.

Crepe in 2010:

Crepe today loaded with buds (over 6' tall):

By comparison, here is the exact same tree a neighbor has...these were identical in size last year (we won't talk about the neighborhood landscaping!):

Bed filling in nice for summer. Those are crepe shrubs in front of the window. I had to trim them cause they're exploding with growth too.

The reason I had to trim them is so this sabal minor 'Hatteras' could get some more light. Might have to move this soon. So far, this is the most hardy minor I've had. Faces north and gets brutal winter winds. Hasn't gotten spots like McCurtain did for me.

Random pic of the day. Found this pic I took in Tampa a couple years ago. Liked the lighting:

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Sorry, this is something else I don't "get". There are a lot of anti-fertilizer folks over on the Trees and the Shrubs forum. I fertilize as many of my woody plants as as practical, and they respond with much better growth as ANY plant does. I certainly can see not fertilizing AFTER the mid-summer point to avoid late season, tender growth than could be damaged with freezing and delay dormancy. Other than that, I say go for it. My in-pot crape myrtles get fed on a regular basis with Miracle Grow and also have Osmocote twice a season, and they respond very well to it. Budding now, will bloom shortly. I don't have the fall issues with them, because they come inside the garage in October for the winter, where temp is between 38 -50 all winter.

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WHAT is up with the multiple posts -- it is doing this to me on various forums. I had 5 identical reply posts on one forum?

Is it something to do with the fact I use Google Chrome to go online? Anyone know?

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Crikey, this is MORE than ridiculous -- I think it's doing this just to spite me.

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I had the same problem with multiple posts in the past. Usually it happens after it has a hard time loading, but I do not refresh in between or click any buttons and it still ends up summiting four or five messages! Did you refresh your computer between messages. Thats usually the cause, but for me it had something to do with my PC (never happens on my laptop)

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Nope, I didn't touch a thing after I hit "submit" until it took me to the page where it asks whether you want to see your follow-up or return to the forum home page.

Ah, the joys of computers.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

I laughed that the forum posted multiple times about you talking about posting multiple times.

anyways. I have 2 that may only get fertilizer if and when I would do the lawn. They both go gang buster every year.


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