Some Pepper Seedlings look sick

brianskiltonMarch 21, 2009

Guys, some of my pepper seedlings just look awful, and I don't think I am over watering. They have very small yellowish/green bumps on the undersides of the leaves and the leaves are kind of droopy looking. You cant see the very small bumps in the pictures really... Can mites really attack seedlings while inside? Here are some pictures:

Anyone have any idea what is going on? I am not sure what it is, but it could maybe be a virus?? Anyone know?

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macheske(6/7 NorthernVA)

I get one that looks like that every once in awhile when I bottom water. It's always the one that stays wet rather than dries out. I just pull it out of the tray and start watering it individually and it comes back most of the time. What is it planted in?

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Well, the pepper seedling in the last picture is in a 24 OZ Yogurt container. I have more than one that look like that. I also have a pepper plant that is currently on its 4th or 5th set of leaves, and they are starting to look wavy and the seed leaves are curled (they haven't fallen off yet). What would cause the leaves to look all ripely and wavy? Oh and I am not bottom watering those, and I wait for the soil to dry out before watering.

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macheske(6/7 NorthernVA)

I just went and checked out mine. Some do have little bumps on the leaves. The bumps on the picture you show doesn't bother me much. I do have a couple that have the same "shape" as yours. They are the ones that were over watered. Do you have good sized drainage holes in your yogurt container? I'll watch this thread as well to see if someone can explain the bumps. Can you post a picture that shows the stem?

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Here is a picture of the stem of the seedling that you saw in the third picture.

and here is a picture of my furthest pepper plant, that has wavy looking leaves, and curled seed leaves. He isn't looking that bad, but the rest of his leaves are looking wavy.

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macheske(6/7 NorthernVA)

The stem looks a little spindly. The bottom picture looks much better. I'd say, give it some time and make sure you don't overwater it.
Good Luck,

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I would say not to worry about the curly leaves. I've had that with Habs and some other plants where it seemingly was just what it wanted to do. As long as they are deep green and growing just fine, then they'll be ok. The leaves should lighten up the color if you over water them to the point they hate it.

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Looks like it might be a calcium deficiency.

Check out this site and scroll down a bit to see the photos.
Good Luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pics of calcium deficient pepper plants

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jimcanada(z3a sw Sk. Ca.)

I have had a similar problem in the past and it was a condition called edema. Check out this website.

Here is a link that might be useful: edema

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I had a similar problem I think it was caused by over watering. The leaves that had this unfortunatly shriveled and died but the problem now seems to be resolved :D

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jimcanada(z3a sw Sk. Ca.)

biggestdav,that is an excellent picture showing a leaf with edema.

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Thanks Jim!

I took it on one of the very few days of sunshine we get here in England using an Olympus u720SW camera


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Biggestdav, that is exactly what was happening to mine...Edema eh, never have heard of it. It is nice to know what it is. Most of my pepper plants are recovering so that's good. Thanks everyone!

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I'd suggest checking for mites w/ a 10x magnification just to be sure.

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This is my first post, so I say 'Hi' to everybody at the GardenWeb.
I am am from Germany (so sorry for my bad English) and grow Chile peppers the second season now.
I started my "Chili pepper gardener"-career in the last year with a few plants in my parents' garden. During the winter I really missed my peppers and so I started to build a simple hydroponic system (i will show that in a separat thread).
One or two month ago I saw that underneath some leafs of my hydro-black hot hungarian there were things that looked like small crystals. Now almost every leaf has that "crystals". While I searched the web I found this forum and I Think that my plant could have this edema problem. Please look here:

I started to improve the ventilation of the plant and the symptoms became better. There are no leafs that look like the first picture, but a lot leafs look like the second one.

What really shocked me is that one of the seedlings for the new season that I grow right next to the hydro plant shows these symptoms also since today:

Could you please tell me if you also think that all this is a cause of emdema? Or is there another more serious problem like fungi? What can I do to fight that? Will the edema do any harm to my plants especially the seedlings? Edema isn't contagious, is it?
Thanks for your help,


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