lizinnh(z5 NH)June 23, 2007

I saw a groundhog in the garden a few weeks ago. I thought it was so cute. My kids and I enjoyed watching it, my dog did not. Yesterday, I saw two. A coworker told me they had two one year and the next year 5 and to get rid of them asap. How do you get rid of groundhogs. I didn't put out my vegetables for fear they would be eaten and my dog is going crazy. Thanks for any advice! Liz

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iacche(z6 Eastern PA)

My parents (who live up in NH) used a Have-a-Heart to catch one and take it to place far away from them and any other houses.

A neighbor of mine told me recently that one way to get rid of them is to find their hole and throw used cat litter in it. They'll leave on their own and find another place to live. I haven't tried it, so I can't vouch for it personally.

There are probably other ways also.

Good luck, they are cute but they can be VERY destructive.

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lizinnh(z5 NH)

Perfect! We have an indoor cat. How do you find the burrow? Any tips?

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iacche(z6 Eastern PA)

When you see one in the yard, rush outside and see which way it runs. That'll point you in the right direction at least. The burrows are pretty big, so they're hard to miss, but it might also be under a shed or something like that, though still there would be a well-worn entry place.

Post an update and tell us if the cat litter works. My neighbor swears it does, but a second positive report would be great.

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Woodchucks, aka groundhogs, are the biggest pest you can have. They'll eat vegetables and flowers to the ground. I could never grow a sunflower because they'd always show up and eat every leaf and just leave a stem. In my state, it's illegal to trap and transport wildlife, so we ended up having to trap and shoot them. They will establish their territory as long as they have adequate food in your area and their young hang around too. I doubt the cat litter will work. We tried smoke bombs and that was worthless. If you decide to use the Havahart traps, set a trail of veggies all the way to the open door and try to disguise the floor of the trap with leaves, etc. then leave some enticements like broccoli and strawberries inside. Think of them as large rats and you'll be in the right mindset to get rid of them.

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chris_ont(5a Ont)

I had ONE groundhog and it pretty much annihilated my garden. Some of the perennials it ate didn't come back until the following year.
I tried everything, including stuffing dog-doo into its burrow! but the thing just kept coming back to that great big salad bar in my garden.
On day I was so angry that I ran after it with a big stick. I swear I would have hit it if I had caught up with it.

I finally trapped it, using cabbage and my lone remaining sunflower, and relocated it. Boy was it p.o'd ! It also stunk up my car for days. Luckily I put a tarp under the trap.

If you're relocating, put it in a dry area where it can burrow, do it now so it can make a nest before winter. Don't relocate near other people's gardens or where there are horses or cows (the burrow holes will break the legs of animals stepping into them).

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I found this website. This is 100% organic and safe to use. This company offers repellents for numerous animals including groundhogs. They use a granular version of urine from the animal's enemy--fox, coyote, etc. which is supposedly odor-free for humans. I haven't used it yet but I'm going to try some myself.

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If you have a tractor supply store near by you can get a dog electric fence. Put the electric fence around your garden a few inches above the ground. This will keep them out of your garden and may make them move on.

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I've been using the animal urine repellents for several years. Some years they have worked better than others. I use the liquid type that you get at Agway or Blue Seal. I save my pill bottles & punch holes in the sides with a needle. Put some cotton balls in the bottle, add some fox or coyote urine to cotton balls, and replace cover of bottle. Then I punch 2 needle holes near top of bottle that are opposite each other & run a wire through them. I hang bottle on tomato cages, fence or stake etc. Renew the urine every week or so. make sure you have enough holes in the bottle sides so the scent is strong enough.

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Many people live trap many kinds of wild animals without realizing that it is illegal in many states to transport them someplace without the proper state license, and the fines if you are caught are very high. Since we have moved into their habitat we need to adjust to them and that may well mean you need to construct fences that are varmit proof.

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Groundhogs are excellent diggers, so the fence needs to extend below ground.

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Snagged 2 of them in a 3 hour span.Just bought havaheart cage yesterday. Used broccoli and Peaches.Relocated them to a farm

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Gca23, you may want to check to be sure but as I recall New Jersey is one of hte many states that require you to have a license to relocate wildlife. Doing so without a license can result in you paying large dollar fines.

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I have seen 2 at a time in my yard, which I think means there's at least 5 or so. I put a 4' fence, 1' of it buried to keep them out. So they started eating my pumpkins which are outside the fence (including the end of my 25' vine so it won't grow anymore). I should have seen that coming, obviously. I sprayed the pumpkins with hot sauce, and the next day I saw one 3' up on the chicken wire clumsily eating my suspended cucumbers while wobbling back and forth.

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