mid-summer update from Central Maryland

P.J._in_MDJuly 14, 2011

lots of pics to share in this mid-summer update from Central Maryland...

My largest trachy (brick for scale). Other trachy was 2 strap leaves 3 yrs ago. Trachy's might be my only plant/tree that seem to thrive in heavy clay soil.

These come inside for the winter but livistona chinensis and my large cordyline.

The retaining wall project...



zooming inside the retaining wall, Yucca recurv., needle palm, hardy hibiscus, etc. Love the hosta 'guacamole'. Also stumbled upon the fiber-optic grass this year. very cool accent plant!

zooming in more, the hardy hibiscus are about to pop

zooming in again, ornamental peppers. Great colors!

The crepe myrtle 'dynamite' is about 2 weeks behind this year but should open its buds anyday. I also had this dug up and replanted as part of the retaining wall project so that could be part of the delay. Tough plant though. It never really set back despite being dug up and replanted 3 days later!

Back side of the retaining wall

Indoor plant, but is anybody continuing to grow their Christmas poinsettia? It's growing fast now and I'm considering trimming it back to force flowering this fall. Anybody got any tips?

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Nice pics! I like the new bed. My Crape Zuni is such a late bloomer that it doesnt even have buds yet! I hope it blooms soon!
Thanks for sharing!

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earthworm73(WA z8)

Garden and new wall looks nice. I am originally from MD (Baltimore City). I need you to do me a favor though. Please, please send me some of that heat yall got. Not alot just 15*. I'll pay ya back this December with some of our warm winter temps.

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Those peppers look like a fun plant-I wanted to try those
a few years ago but got frustrated with mail order companies
and stopped ordering from them!

Trachys are looking good~

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