Euonymus Scale

scottys(z6NY)June 12, 2010

I've identified scale on my rather large euonymus (it was actually there last summer too but I didn't know what it was).

Several websites I visted list Cygon, Malathion, Orthene or Sevin as treatment.

I was wondering, can anyone let me know if they also have used one of these with successful results?

Thank you.

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stompede(z7 VA)

I've used all of the above to control Euonymus scale. For Malathion and Sevin, sprays should begin when the crawlers are out and then repeated every 7 to 10 days for a couple of sprays. You could use a product containing imidacloprid or Safari. Many forms of those are root drench or applied to the soil. It's slower to work than a spray, but will last a lot longer inside the plant. In bad infestations, the plants can be cut back to the ground and treated when growth comes back out.

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Stompede, Thank you.
I sprayed today with Orthene this morning and I'll repeat it every 2 weeks...hopefully that will do the trick.

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