soil source in grove

sorie6(6b ok.)August 3, 2013

Anyone know where to buy a nice truck load (pickup) of soil for adding to flower bed?
Should I use topsoil, compost ??
Not sure how long it's been since its been ammended but want to enrich it before I plant much in it. Home is only 4yr.
Thank you.

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Im actually in Grove this weekend. The guy that lives down the road from our house here actually does all that stuff for a living. You will pay a good price for good top soil around here, i believe, since this is such a rocky area.

Let me know if you want his name and phone number and i will email it to you.


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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Drive to Miami and get some mushroom compost. Check first on their hours and don't go late because they ran out the day I went. My neighbors who have a big dumping trailer got a load for me later since I have a small pickup.
J-M Farms is the name. There are no weed seeds in it; it is good stuff.

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Erod1 sent you an email. Thanks

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Actually Helen's idea is a very good one, if you just need trucking I'm sure this guy will do that. He does all kinds of dirt work, hauling, excavating, etc. it's his business here in Grove. All I know about him is he did work for us when we renovated and added on here and my Husband liked him and he lives down the road. I've never even met the guy so I'm just passing the info along.

Sending you an email now.


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SORIE6, Helen has the right idea. I just got home and saw your email. Do you have a truck? J and M will load it for you and you can take your time and unload it slowly at home. It is good stuff and not at all expensive. It usually has a lot of moisture in it and makes a heavy load, but it is a great way to get compost. We get a truckload and just park it by the garden and take our time unloading it. I didn't get any this year, but I have been gone a lot and don't have much of a garden. I miss it.

I think you have my email, if you need more info.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Sorie it is wonderful stuff. No weed seeds use it as a mulch or mix it in with soil.

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