I found the best animal deterrent

MKBanisterJune 6, 2011

Hi, First off I am not a salesperson for this company. I live in WV and have at least 20 or so deer around my house everyday.

I tried every stinky thing you could think of to keep them away to no avail.

I was desperate so I bought a motion sensor sprinkler (the Scarecrow). I have not had a problem since. It even keeps my neighbors two dogs from pooping on my plants.

All my neighbors laughed at me when I got it saying it won't work...well the last two years they haven't been laughing when their plants get eaten and mine don't. One even bought it after the first year lol.

It actually works two ways...noise and spray of water..it scares the deer with the unexpected noise..then shoots the water...oh it uses very little water too...I have a well so I have to be careful with water usage...I am thinking of attaching it to my rain barrel to see if it works.

So for any of you who have pesty animals eating your landscape I suggest this product. It may seem costly...but in the long run you save over time from buying the spray on products.

Hope this helps anyone who has critters eating your gardens.

Have a wonderful day,


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I agree, although I do use a combination of the Scarecrow and apply Bobbex deer repellent for double coverage. The Scarecrow doesn't spray around corners and at regular retail having more than one is quite an investment.

And if anyone is wondering, you can't use it during freezing weather as it must be attached to a garden hose so it's not a winter help.

I've had two now over many years, having replaced the original. Contech, the manufacturer, was extremely helpful and customer friendly the time I needed a new spring to keep mine working properly.

OT - the paper carrier, mailman, find it highly amusing. The PUD meter reader, not so much. I wasn't home the day it tried to deter the meter reader but my neighbor reported the expletive was loud and clear.

And, I just noticed a few days ago High Country Gardens (great source for waterwise plants) has it on special this month. Less than I paid for either of mine -

Here is a link that might be useful: High Country Gardens sale

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