Nong Nooch garden

garyfla_gw(10 Florida)July 3, 2012


To those interested there are some fantastic pix of the garden

Mostly centered on Broms but many palms including a fruiting Coco de Mer. Located in the brom forum under Thailand visit. gary

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Nong Nooch gardens and the Bogor gardens in Java Indonesia are on my wish list for visiting. Hopefully some day soon.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Being both old and poor I suspect those pix are as close as I'll ever get. lol They have a Coco de mer at Fairchilkd gardens near me but was devastated by a couple of hurricanes . To my knowledge it has never seeded
still an awesome plant!! have been to central America a couple of times Not so much gardens but has high altitude rainforest. 1700 species of orchids BUT 90 percent are 50 feet up in the trees lol There used to be some pix of the Marx gardens in Brazil as well as the Guianna highlands but haven't seen them lately.
a friend sent me some pix of the orchid garden at Jurong bird park in Singapore timed the visit just right all the Birds of Paradise were in eclipse plumage lol
Oh well guess I'll have to be content with my own "jungle" lol gary

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I'm lucky Bogor isn't all that far away, Nong Nooch a bit further. A couple of years ago I did some trekking in Papua New Guinea, the Owen Standley Ranges. That was magic. Of course as with you, the best was in the dense canopy, about 30 metres overhead, LOL. I heard the Birds of Paradise, but only caught distant glimpses. The ground was littered with fallen orchids, dying of course - they weren't terrestrials.

Darwin botanical gardens has about 5 Coco de mer in a group planting, perhaps a few others scattered about. They're low on the bottom slope of a hill, so hopefully they'll always miss the brunt of cyclones. I was there a couple of months back and most were seeding. Don't know what percentage would turn out viable, they were still relatively young plants.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

that's wonderful on the Coco de mer i understand they are extinct in the wild?? The local club planted one near the public library. The seed weighed over 20 pounds!!! It germinated but have not heard how it's doing.
N. Guinea definitely on my dream list!! I was looking at the plantae list from a recent expedition and of 500 specimens 30 were unknown to science!!
I'm a huge bird fanatic but they always distact me from looking at the plants lol I did get a 10 second glimpse of a Respledant Quetzal while in Costa Rica!! Big show was hummingbirds . You can sit in an outdoor bar ,sip cocktails and watch an endless parade of species at the feeders lol
Not too many cocktails as I thought I saw a pterantodon.!!
may have been the vodka ?? lol gary

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