transplanting young sago palm

keylynJuly 27, 2012

i just got 9 sago palms which were uprooted and stayed uprooted for more than an hour.

almost all of the dirt sticking on their roots were removed and the roots severely disturbed.

when i came back at home i sprayed water on their roots and all of the leftover dirt was removed.

i pruned some of their roots and leaves to ease and hopefully prevent transplant shock.

are tthey going to be okay?

(anyway, i live in a tropical country)

they look like these plants:

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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

Impossible to say for sure. I have never had good results when transplanting Sago. I'd say your chances are better the less your roots were affected.

Here is a link that might be useful: Virginia Beach Weather

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I have never had problems transplanting Cycas species (small ones at least- larger ones can get really heavy). Normally I do NOT recommend root pruning (this is not a succulent, really), but leaf pruning is fine (though rarely necessary in your case). Now if I found a Cycas that had been uprooted for a MONTH, THEN I might trim all the leaves off. However, my guess is your plants will be fine. This sort of thing rarely affects these plants. After all, these are often shipped about the world without any roots air leaves and can remain naked caudeces for months sometimes without any permanent set back (as long as they didn't get overheated, rot, or too cold in the mean time). Also next time, you do not normally have to spray the roots... in fact, that is more likely to end up with a rotted plant.. .If you are worried the plant is damaged, replant in dryish soil and do not water for a few weeks.

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the plants were taken from an area flooded with water so i had to spray their roots with fungicide.
(i suppose they were submerged for a whole day. luckily, no sign of rot was sighted upon inspection of their roots and bulb- esque base)
i also had to cut the roots of the few such that got their roots damage on the transition.
currently, the plants are sitting dandy in a shaded area with proper air circulation. (still looking lush green)
hopefully, most of the plants survive


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