Repotted Plant: Leaves drooping under sun

saleveneMarch 19, 2014

Hi All,

I repotted a plant a few days ago and it seems to be very healthy. However, we noticed that is only the case on cloudy days. We had a really sunny day today and the leaves have started to droop. Any idea why? (We noticed this the first day we repotted it, but thought it was just a bit of transplant shock because it recovered a few hours later).

Thanks in advance

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esox07 (4b)

Well, some more info is probably in order. How hot is it getting outside? Did you have it indoors prior to the transplanting? What kind of soil did you transplant it into? What kind of watering regime are you using?

Without knowing the exact situation, I am guessing that it is still in transplant shock and still get used to the new soil and re-establishing its root system in the new soil. When you transplant, it is usually a good idea to keep the fertilizer to a minimum for a while as well. You also may want to move it to a shady area for a few more days until it gets better established in its new home.

Peppers will typically "wilt" on hot sunny days in the middle of the summer (90+ degrees) and as soon as the sun goes down, they perk right back up. But without knowing what kind of temps you are looking at right now, it is hard to say that is what you are seeing. There are only a couple areas in the US right now that would be that hot so.....

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Previous posts indicate location as "Medellin, Colombia"

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Yup, I'm in Medellin, Colombia.

Today, it probably reached a high of low 80s, from its normal temperature of mid-70s. The temperature is typically the same all-year round, it just happened to be a bit hotter today.

I've had it outdoors its entire life and on Friday, transplanted into a soil that just said: Organic Compost with rice skin (to help drainage). I repotted another pepper with this same soil and its been doing great.

I watered it when I transplanted it, but haven't watered it since as it only receives sun in the afternoon and we've had a bit of rain recently.

I haven't given it any fertilizer, and will wait until 2 weeks after transplanting it to even think about adding.

I'm back home now and its perked right back up, looks as healthy as good be. I should just leave it in the shade for a few days or its fine where it is, receiving sun only in the afternoon?

Thanks in advance.

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esox07 (4b)

Well, It will probably be OK at this point. But you should have "hardened it off" to putting it outside. You might still want to give it some more shade on sunny days for a little while but it will probably make it either way at this point.
Hardening off is simply introducing it to the sun, wind, temp changes and other elements slowly. It sounds like you just took the little fellas from the crib to the curb over night.
Post a couple pictures when you get the chance.
In the future, you should either put your location in your profile or mention that so people in the USA realize that. Since the vast majority of members are from the US, we tend to forget that pepper growers are not limited to the US. In fact, very few varieties are even native to the US.
Good luck to you and your poor little fella out there in the rain and wind.


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Thanks Bruce for the advice, I'll definitely put my location in there the next time (though these seeds were imported from the US).

My only question is do you need to harden off when repotting? This pot has always been outside...

I'll post some pics tomorrow.

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esox07 (4b)

No, not normally if it was always outside, but it is probably just a case of transplant shock. Once the plant aclimates to the new soil and its roots get settled, it will be fine. But in the mean time, it is probably best to baby it a little.

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