furrows for fall

seeker1122(7a ok)August 6, 2014

How deep and wide do furrows need to be for seeds to not burn up this time of year?

I'm going to till tonight and start seedlings I hope.


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Tree, I am going to plant seeds also. I use the fact sheet listed below(Dawn linked). I think it is advice that is hard to beat. I don't measure my furrow, but it will look about 2" deep counting the ridge on each side from the hoe. I also don't use peat, I just never have it on hand. I will cover with potting soil if I have it. I think the most important thing to do is water every day, maybe twice a day if really hot and dry. I use a water can and try to only water the furrow itself. If the rest of the bed stays dry you wont have as many weeds sprouting. I apply about a gal. of water per 10 or 12 ft. of row. The amount of water you need will vary with the type of soil you have.


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seeker1122(7a ok)

thanks Larry I didn't know if I needed to break out the post hole diggers cuz my land is so dry.
I think I have a healthy hoe for the job.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Tree, I agree with Larry. You cannot go wrong if you follow OSU's advice. If you follow their advice and still have poor seed germination because of high soil and air temperatures, you can shade the ground to reduce the soil temperatures. When I want to shade a newly seeded area, I often put lawn chairs at the 4 corners of the area and use zip ties to attach an old sheet to the chairs. The shade from the sheet can keep the ground a lot cooler. If you do want to shade the ground to keep it cooler temporarily, just be sure you leave a couple of feet of space between the sheet and the ground for good air flow.


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You have received a lot of good advice. In the summer when seeding and I seem to do a lot of it when it is hot and the SW winds are blowing I put a very light layer of wheat straw over the planted row. And then just spray enough to wet it down. If real hot and windy like the previous 304 years I spray it lightly either every evening or every other evening. If it is something fine like carrots, ect I may pull it back lightly when it starts emerging. I got very good germination last summer on all my fall crops using this method. We each have to find a method that will work for us. You will be surprised how much a little straw will help even when spread so lightly you can see the ground well.

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seeker1122(7a ok)

Thanks all. I need to do something or this will be the worst garden of my life.
I have chairs(never thought about that before I've just put in sucker rod or fence poles) lots of chairs Lots of zip ties cuz I have Harleys, and time.

I planted a flat 2 nights ago and I hope they are as good as the ones that died in spring.

you've giving me hope again I've been sour for weeks.

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seeker1122(7a ok)

I have lots of old bales of hay that was to be used for an oilfield job that went bust after it was bought and it came from Ross feed and seed.

Would or could that take the place of straw?

If I had an old coon hunting head lite like me and grandpa used back in the day I sure could get a lot more done.
I seem to get more energy at night.

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Tree, I use old hay all the time, but it really helps to know if the hay has been sprayed with herbicide. Some of the herbicide can leach from the hay and damage your plants. If I use hay that I don't know where it came from I test it first and then use it the next year if it does not damage my plants. I just till up a small bed and plant bean seeds and mulch around them with the hay, if they sprout and grow well I assume the hay is ok. I have used tomato seeds for test also, but they don't seem to sprout and grow as fast.


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