Thank you, Laura!!!

kayjones(Mo6b)April 1, 2013

Laura is a wonderful friend who generously shared 3 cuttings of Plumeria with me - THANK YOU, Laura!!!!

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I think Laura has been very generous to many of us!!! It is nice of her to pass the fever around. Thanks again Laura!!! You are sweet person and an inspiration.

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I do agree 101%. Laura is a very wonderful person I have ever come across on gardenweb not just because she shared some cuttings with me. I like her posts ,the way she answers and responds to each of our questions is much appreciated by all of us. One day I want to visit her garden as she we both live in VA. She is the one who got me addicted to plumeria's. My collection that started with 1 plumeria has not went up to 12 plumeria's. Thanks, Laura!

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I couldn't agree more. She is my model for generosity and sharing with others by exchanging info on this forum and/or by gifting cuttings and seeds.

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I have to agree with everything posted about Laura. Her posts are always insightful, generous, respectful and full of expert experience. I've learned a lot from her participation in this forum. Thanks Laura!

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Yup. She's a sweetheart! Always kind and helpful and willing to share her knowledge with others.


Are you sure you're grateful if you arleady have 12 plumies like me? Laugh.
I can blame Kemistry for my obsession. ;)


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Robert, I mistyped earlier... my plumeria collection went up to 12 now and I am afraid it continues to grow. Thanks to everyone who post beautiful pics and rave about them on this forum..

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So so true what everyone here is saying about Laura, I haven't posted much recently but couple years ago was more active here and before there was a separate forum on Adeniums, she kindly was so sweet to share some mix! Very sweet person and Yes, love the way she answers to everyone's questions... But, haven't had the chance to get any cuttings though... hhhmm.. lol!!


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I couldn't agree with you all more. They broke the mold when they made her. She's one in a million. Love ya, Laura. Thanks for lunch!! Peg

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Andrew Scott

Yes, Laura is one of the sweetest people I have met here on this forum, and yes also one of the most generous. She has shared cuttings, knowledge, and tips. Her and I have grown to be great friends. I am glad she shares this side with so many here. We truly have a treasure here. Thank you Laura for just being..YOU!


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Yes, she is truly one-of-a-kind! Laura sets a great example of how to share everything from plants to simple enthusiasm for everyone's exciting moments in the garden. The world could use more Lauras!

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Laura is an extremely sweet, helpful lady. I had so many questions about Al's gritty mix and she helped me get it right, finally! Her help, as well as Al's was invaluable to me. All of mine are not potted in Gritty and looking good, enjoying the warm weather and sunshine after a winter in the garage.

Lots of leaves on most of them and 5 already have bloom spikes,

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There's not enough space here for all the nice things that I could say about Laura. From the first time I posted I remember her very warm and welcoming reply. She's been such an inspiration since - not just with plumerias (which I love talking to her about - Laura - I haven't washed the car yet!!) to inspiration on just how to be a kind and generous person. That's something we could use so much more of these days, when there's so much meanness everywhere - she proves that kindness matters. Here's a heartfelt thank you from me, too, Laura!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

I have been so busy today and haven't checked the forums unitl a wonderful friend called to tell me about this post..

First of all.. i am so humbled and truly touched at all of the kind comments each and everyone has shared...

I haven't been this overwhelmed with such warm feelings since i received hundreds of thank you letters from these beautiful chilldren from a shool in CA. You guys and gals are wonderful..

Are you sure this isnt an April's Fools joke? ;-)

Seriously, thank you.. Kay..

it is my pleasure to share those cutting with you. When i saw the excitment in your reply, i knew i wanted to send you these.. They will give you such joy. Oh. i will respond to your question from your email in a few.. ;-). Thank you for this wonderful thread and letting me see what my other friends are sharing.. i wish i had a blushing icon right now..

Thank YOU!!!

Cessna. You and your wife are the most generous people as well.. WHat you did for L will always be cherished and i will never forget you thoughtfulness. Enjoy your trees and know they have many cousins!!! LOL.. Hope you are well..
We have missed you around here.. Please stay in touch!!

Kandhi.. You are more than welcome to come and visit anytime!! I have always enjoyed your post here and at the other forums too! You have always showed a wonderful way with people and i thank you for all of the kind things you say... You really made me feel so thankful reading your reply. YOU are so sweet! Mahalo!!! Oh.. 12? wE WILL WORK ON THAT TOO! :-)

k... Thank you. You are the one who would not give up on helping me with my greenhouse when i had all of the problems. YOU were the one who went out of your way to research what i needed to do and i will never forget that my friend. You are truly the generous person.. Many thanks!!!

Robert. You are so kind . Thank you to you for all that you share!!! ;-) You are right about Kemistry.. he is awesome and i like his knowledge in fragrant plants and trees. Tell him hello for me!!

Chuy.. LOL.. I forgot about the DR stuff! I remember you were so sweet asking about the info on the Gritty Mix. I am glad to help you and if you ever need anything, just ask I LOVE the Gritty Mix and so do all of my DR's. They are thriving.. I hope you are well and i miss you around here! Thank you for stopping in and sharing.. If you ever need anything.. i would be happy to share. (cuttings) but, you are in CA right? LUCKY lady!!!

Hi Peg.. Broke the mold.. That is an APril Fool's joke.. LOL!! I know you mean well and i thank you, but you are the kind soul. Just today at lunch.. what was i saying about a certain surprise in your trunk? What was my reply? YES... i remember. Thank you for being so much fun and i love having you so close to have lunch and share our love of plumerias. You are a special lady. I am thankful for YOU!! Love ya too!

Hi ANdrew... where do i start!! Thank you for all of the kind comments here. I truly am touched by this. WHere did all of this come from? I really don't like being in the spotlight and this is all so unbelievable to me. I am so thankful for you as well, my friend. We have a great relastionship.. ENablers in action..LMAO!!! But, i wouldn't trade it for anything..

Jen.. we could say the exact same thing about you!! YOU are the one who shares with all of us and gives great info. You are always willing to share . You are a sweetheart and i am so thankful to have met you!!! All of you here are so wonderful. This is a great forum , especiallly with you!!!
My other Enabler friend.. ;-)

Powderpuff.. I almost forget the names on line when i think of the names on my email... YOU are so sweet and i love to help you with all of your questions. You have such a wonderful way of sharing your enthusiasm and that is why i love to help you. Please keep in touch. How have you been? So glad to hear your trees are doing well and have loved the change in mix. I am wondering about a few special cuttings that you had mentioned..did they do alright? You take good care and enjoy that beautiful Florida sunshine!!! Mahalo my friend...

Simi... YOU are the inspiration in so many ways. Thank you for being a great friend. Such warm comments and kind words.. I really appreciate them all. I miss seeing you around, but i know you have many things going on in your life. ;-) ALl good my friend!! I can't wait to see more pics!!
One big heartfellt thank you right back to you, Simi!!!

I was talking to my best friend today about dogs and how they are so important to us all. Thank you for being there for me when i lost my best friend. You both made me feel so much better with you kindness,,, i will never forget how much it meant to me.,, Thank you!!

Please wash the car... this will make you feel so much better and give the trees and the sellers a break!! LOL.. How was the Bday party? Hope to see you around more Simi!! Thank you, my friend!!

Purdee... Talk about one who is special... You have been so kind and it is I who has learned from you. We both like to give and give to those less fortunate. That truly says something about a person in my eyes. Thank you for being who you are and what you stand for. I am glad to call you friend...

You all have made my night. I remember when i wanted to show my best friend a book that these kids made for me in CA. It was a simple book that somone put together from their class of say 200 kids. These wonderful kids wanted to thank me for such simple things like sample lotions from the hotels, soaps and little things like that. They were the sweetest notes of thanks from these wonderful kids who have nothing and think that i sent them boxes of gold when all i did was send them extras that me and my crew mates save all month. (Shampoo, lotion, soap), I can get teary just thinking about how kind and thoughtful for them taking the time to thank me for just a simple act of kindness..i loved the colorful notes... it all goes around. I truly believe that, so when i see all of you saying these nice things, i have a hard time believing them, but i will thank you anyway. I believe in giving and i feel better to give than to receive,. When i do receive.. it means the world to me. Especially from friends.. Nothing means more than gifts from the heart. ;-) I love the glass one.. truly amazing. Thank YOU!!!

ok.. April Fool's Day is almost over...


You all have made my day and then some..

Have a wonderful night.



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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

We're lucky to have her 'set the tone' and 'raise the bar' on this Forum!


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Because of her gentle and giving nature, it's easy for anyone to feel fortunate to know Laura well enough to count her as a friend. She quietly goes about helping whomever she can, whenever she can, almost always extracting only a promise to 'pay it forward' as her preferred form of remuneration. I know there have been times when there were no thanks, or even an acknowledgement for her having made an extraordinary effort on behalf of someone she barely knew, but that hasn't stopped her from regrouping and working toward the betterment of the next person who needs help at the very next opportunity. That says something about her.

It's wonderful to see her friends rally to compliment and thank someone who deserves it as much as Laura does. Count my voice among the chorus of those that would offer praise. Unquestionably, GW is a better place for her collective AND individual contributions to the gardening community.

Laura - I know you feel blessed by all the wonderful comments ..... and you should.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Dave..

CHEERS right back to you! Thank you. I appreciate that very much! ;-)

Al.. What a very nice comment.. Truly touched by what you said. It means a lot coming from one who continues to always help others. You are one who gives so much to the GW community and I know others are so grateful for all that you do, including ME! Thank you, you made my night.

You are right, I do feel blessed by the comments and by having such wonderful friends like you. ;-)

Have a wonderful night everyone!


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