Green bottle flies

msburtonJune 14, 2012

Green bottle flies are swarming my raised vegetable bed and my fig tree. I can't find anything on GW or on the web that speaks to whether or not these are beneficial. Are they? Or should I get rid of them?

If the latter, from what I've been reading, green lacewings apparently do the trick. Anyone know from experience whether that's correct?



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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

I can't find anything on GW or on the web that speaks to whether or not these are beneficial.

===>>> perhaps bass ackwards???

in the alternative.. what if any damage do you see ...

if none.. then ignore them ..

it is not important if they are 'beneficial' ... i would call them neutral ...

i would also look for pet poop.. dead things.. etc ... and if you do.. you will find what is attracting them ...


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

May I ask where you saw information regarding lacewings and the control of green bottle flies?

They are beneficial in the grand scheme of life in that they help 'recyle' animal poop, dead things, garbage, and rotting fruits and veggies. It is the maggots that do that job. However, they are not something that you should encourage in your own little part of the world.

As Ken says: you need to find out where they are coming from and eliminate the source. One year, we had a lot of them come to our back patio whenever we would grill. THAT didn't go over too well. A little bit of sleuthing led us to the discovery that our neighbors were not cleaning up after their two large dogs. (Their son was supposed to do it.) Once the doody duty started again, the flies disappeared.

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