Fungus on lantana?

cjra(TX)June 3, 2009

Is there a common fungus which infects lantana?

I have some very large bushy beautiful lantanas which about 2 months ago were blooming like crazy. In the past month I've noticed no flowers and figured it was a normal cycle, but the other day looked more closely and saw what looks like powdery mildew on the leaves.

My neighbor has powdery mildew on her turks' cap but mine are doing fine. It's my lantana that look like they have white powder.

Is this a common fungus for lantana? Could it be something else? Is there something I need to do to get rid of it before it kills my plants?


Oh, I'm in zone 8b I think (San Antonio, TX - SE side)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Powdery mildew is common with lantana only if it's being grown in locations that do not receive full sun. Over crowding and over fertilization can also contribute to the problem.

I hope someone else can be helpful about what to do for your plants right now. The very successful measures that I know about would not be appropriate for lantana, at this time of year. I'll put my thinking cap on to see if I can come up with a sensible solution, though.

By the way, are these plants that you treat as annuals (by planting new ones every year) or perennials (they come back from the roots every spring)?

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Both plants get full sun - no shade whatsoever.

Definitely not annuals, I'm not even sure I'd call them perennials since the plant remains pretty much a bush all year. I had flowers through November and again by Feb or so.

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