How much sun?

bchorner88April 7, 2008

How much sun does a Plummie need each day?

My home faces SE so the front receives morning sun and the back the hotter afternoon sun.

I really want to put the Plummies in the front for beauty but am afraid they won't receive enought sunlight.

Anyone's thoughts and advice?



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I think basically the more the better. They love the sun!

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You didnÂt say where you live, but in general LaurieÂs advice about the more sun the merrier is correct. Plumeria need at least 6 to 8 hours of full sun per day to bloom. If you live in a scorching desert climate like I do, you should try to give them partial shade during the hottest part of day during the summer, say 12 until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. If your plants are large and older, this isnÂt as important.


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Hi Belky,
It depends where you live and how intense your heat is. I have the same conditions in my back yard. My plants get the morning light to about 3 pm. then they go dark, passes over to the so/ west sun..there where I live, gets very hot. I will not, anymore put in west sun, we hit over 100 plus in the summer cooks the leaves. So if you have straight light, not obstructed by trees, over hang of a house roof or or ? may grow well.

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I'm in NE Georgia

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Mine grows in full east/west exposure. It's the way my house and lawn are set. I have no choice, but for Texas sun they seem to thrive. Wish a lot of other things did. ;)

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