Smarter than the average wasp???

MetalMan2004June 29, 2011

I know there are several threads about taking care of wasps, but none have helped me yet...

We've been in our new house for about 2 months now. The number of wasps hanging around the backyard is ridiculous. The dogs like to chase them as well. Most of them are actually very passive, but there are some yellow jackets that have chased me inside a couple of times.

I bought a Rescue brand disposable yellow jacket trap. I followed the instructions, and haven't caught one thing in a few weeks. I went back to the store and got a reusable wasp trap that is supposed to trap like 50 different species. Nothing. I tried the honey water in a 2 liter bottle. Still nothing. There are several hanging around in the backyard right now, but not one is interested in the trap.

I know someone is going to say just leave them alone, but I want the yellow jackets gone. The others are fine I guess. Advice anyone?

PS Most of them seem to be living in the ground. I have not seen one nest on or around the house.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

More than likely, you're seeing native solitary bees that nest in the ground.

The truly good news about these bees covers several issues:
1. They won't bother you if you don't both them.
2. They're valued as necessary pollinators
3. In about 6 to 8 weeks after they 1st appeared, they will be gone of their own accord.

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No, I think he's right; around here, the yellow jackets nest in the ground, and God help you if you dig up their nest! They also nest in dead wood, so if you've got an old wood pile or decaying stump, get rid of it - knock it over and run, in case they're in there, then drag it off when they're out. I've tried to get them with water from a hose and it seems to just get them angrier.
My daughter is allergic to yellow jacket stings, so we have on occasion used insecticide spray for wasps/hornets on them. It's not a wide-spread spray - it comes out like water from a hose - so you can shoot it right into the nest when you find it. It's about the only time we use insecticide.

They are smart; insane, but smart. Good luck, and don't send them my way.

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