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dixieboyJuly 4, 2011

Was in Morehead City a few days ago & always good to spot palmettos that have been in place since the get go!

Used car dealer in Newport, he's been at it for quite a few years now, i'm sure the palms help!

Butia butted close together in Morehead, i like the look!

Windmill north of Bridgeton, been watch'in it since juvenile stage.

Recovering washy's in Atlantic Beach.

Cleaned out all seedlings under our butia, looks better.

Our palmettos are still reach'in upward in spite of the drought.

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Great pics, nothing I love better than a booted trunk. For me that makes the tree really doesn't matter if it's a butia or an sabal.
I guess some of those people are scared of heights where they haven't removed the dead fronds. But I can't blame them if my windmill ever get that tall I'll have to pay some one to prune them.

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That Trachys a keeper!

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

Wow, I just love those sabal palmettos! Can they survive zone 7?

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Chad, i like'um either way, thanks, glad you enjoyed the pics.

Jim, i like that one also.

Hunter, my opinion is that if you get to far away from it's natural range they just don't develope into that native look that makes them stand out as a species.

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Took this photo the other week in Edenton NC & it screams southern history, cannon purchased in France & placed there in 1861 to defend town from the northern invaders.

Our cycads have about finished the out put from spring.

This pic is from 08 in Morehead of a nice s.minor, it was gone the other day, disappointed me.

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Great pics dixieboy,
I havent seen you on here lately.I agree with you on the S.palmettos looking there best if they grew there from the get go.If you like those double butias,I have one triple butia.It's just seedling size now,but growing fast.My S.birmingham is pushing its 3rd frond in two months,I dont know if that's slow or fast for a Sabal palm since this is my first one.I did pot it up to a 15gal from a 7gal with that Mircle gro potting soil with the mirco nutrients in it.Love the pictures as usual,and I hope everything is well with you.

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Thanks Randy, everythings do'in fairly well here except we need lots of rain in order to catch up, don't ever remember it be'in this dry. I still e-mail Johnny & hope y'all are keep'in in touch, keep it palmy round there now!!

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

I havent had much of a chance to talk to Johnny lately.I work 10 to 12hrs a day,with only sundays off.I'll have to call him this sunday,to see how he's doing.I want to see his place.Me and him had a good laugh over what some people charge for palms,last time we talked.

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Great pics! its ashame to see such a beautiful S. Minor be removed. It looked almost like a Bismarkia! It really looks a lot like Florida in that part of NC!
Thanks for sharing! I always like the southern pics!

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Thank you Alex, your compliments are appreciated & so glad you enjoy the pics.

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