Proabably about to see the most grth al summ

andyandy(6bMI)July 14, 2011

That fall feeling is about to go away. I know some will get it worse but starting Saturday here is our 7 day forecast: 89-71 92-74 94-74 90-72 93-74 91-74 90-72 it would be extraordinary for us to not drop below 70 for an entire week and those highs are 7-11 degrees above normal. Unfortunately there is no rain in that same forecast. I will need to do a lot of watering I can't image I'm going to see any more rapid growht all summer unless we get some hot and rainy weather in August.

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Looks like nice weather here too! Nothing too unusual though, but still a bit above average, especially later next week.



Other than tonight and tomorrow, all nights will be in the 70s. Today is a cooler (by July standards) and sunny day. It went down to 67F this morning and probably wont get above 84F today which is a bit below average.

Good luck!

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earthworm73(WA z8)

Andy consider yourselves lucky. I woke up this morning and thought I slept till December. It is raining HARD which is unsual cuz between June-September we avg. less than .5 inches of rain. It won't get over 65* today and my one and only palm so far a, washy, it languishing. I am comptepleting buying a plane ticket to Palm Springs for it to enjoy the rest of the summer and grow. I wish we could just reach 75*-80* and maintain it. Send some of that Michigan heat west we'll pay ya back this winter. Deal?

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It's been dry here too Andy...
18"of rain(or so)from May to late June and basically nothing
in the last(almost) 3 weeks.
They are also starting to hint at temps cracking the 100 mark,
possibly as soon as Sunday-this may be an extended period too-
more than we have seen in quite a few summers.

Nice to have a variety of plants in these circumstances....
All the tropicals..Bananas,Colocasia,Cactus-etc should go crazy!
I can't wait to see how fast the Thai giant grows with lows
near 80f for an extended period!

Last cool day with the windows open here for a while.....
maybe things will finally catch up after such a cool spring!

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I hear all of you, it seems to be feast or famine with the weather. We had the same here Jim. I think we had about 5 days in May where it did not rain and have had one day (last week) since late June. I have not cut my grass since July 2nd (cut it short 1st thing in the morning and then it went up to 99)
I'm sorry to hear about your weather. You are desacribing what it was like here in May. I to am looking forward to see what kind of growth I get in the next 7-8 days. I would expect everything to push up new spears and I may still have a shot at 3 fronds this summer.

78 and pleasant right now, I got the house down to 64 this morning with fans blowing in (fell to 58 last night)

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earthworm73(WA z8)

Andy its been this way since March. Seems like we've been one month behind since spring. Everybody's crops are late. The whole of the westcoast is like this so far this year. Keep posting pics of your garden so ppl like me can live vicariously through you.

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will do, hang in there, we're stuck in our houses from Nov-Mar so i feel your pain!

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So much for the last day with the windows open...
the dewpoint has gone from 63f this morning up to 72f!

Yuck,I bet we are already cracking 90+ tomorrow!

I love how fast the plants grow in the heat but it's not
very much fun to stand outside and look at them while your
forehead is baking off!

My plants are doing some crazy/cool stuff right now...
including a possible precursor to a flag leaf on one of
the banana plants!

I will get some pics today and post again during/after the
heat wave to compare growth (-:

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I think the west coast will catch up this fall like they did last year. Its a shame the weather has been so cool there the past 2 summers. But you have us beat during the winter. The south seems to be hit especially hard with freezes lately!

I hate how fast summer is going by! If I could have this weather all year long, I would be the happiest person!

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