Hornworms Again

farmgardenerAugust 1, 2011

Just in case anyone has any tomatoes or peppers left that the heat, drought, grasshoppers, rabbits, and blister bugs have missed - I picked 103 hornworms ranging in size from 1" to 5" off plants this morning. Oh the joys of gardening! lol

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joellenh(6b Jenks)

HOLY COW!!!! 103???!!! It takes me an hour to find just one. I see the signs that they are there again (poop, stripped leaves), but at this point my tomatoes are so dead I might just let the worms have what is left.


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I've been expecting them again. Since I put little bonnets over the top of my caged plants they are happier than a pig in a shaded mud hole. They look as nice on August 1st as they have in several years if not ever. And starting tor set more fruit. The shade cloth over the top appears to have helped. The sprawlers that don't have any shade or protection sure look a little ragged. I yanked one yesterday which is the first empty hole I have. And may yank one more. I see the little black droppings of some insect. I never see the insect but know it is bad news when I see the droppings. All I can say is after I see the droppings is when I usually start seeing some insect borne disease. And possibly have one plant infected now. And maybe one pepper plant. But another round of horn worms won't be tolerated very well. I may go postal on them. LOL. Jay

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I just came in from the south garden where I picked 9 hornworms off one Sungold plant. I then went to the east side of the yard where I have a small test garden and found loads of grasshoppers and a few striped blister beetles. I then checked the north garden and found a lot of grasshoppers. I then checked the sweet potato beds and it looks like deer and rabbits are starting to hit them pretty hard. With the weather like it is I cant feel too ill towards the deer and rabbits. The deer I have seen looked pretty bad.

I went out and took pictures of what is left of my gardens because I think they will going fast regardless of what I do.

I took a picture of my dial thermometer, it is never in the sun but it as pointing to 118 degrees. It may not be accurate, but it is very hot any way you slice it.


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My gosh! I've never seen 103 hornworms. I feel for you.

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