yard pics murfreesboro, tn

jaynboro(7 TN)July 4, 2010

and last but not least, the dog! ha ha thanks for lookin!

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Wow, you have a very nice yard! That lady palm is huge! They are worth a lot of money at that size. Do you know the name of the plant with the broad circle leaves in your pond in the first pic? And one more question. In the picture below your HUGE elephant ears, whats the name of the plant in the background? Its a light green and very tall. Is it bamboo?
I cant comment on all your plants because you have so many but they all really look great. A lot of those plants really remind me of Florida (the philodendron, the large pindo, the ginger, the bougainvillea (wish mine flowered like that!), and lots of others. Great pics. And your dog looks great too!!
Thanks for sharing!
Good luck! Happy Independence Day!

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jaynboro(7 TN)

Thanks! I appreciate that! The plant in the pond with the big circle leaves is a lotus. photos 14 and 15 are pics of 2 types of lotus in bloom. (lotus leaves in those 2 pics are hard to see because of the majesty palm in the pond.) here is a pic of the one in the front pond in bloom. and yes i do have some bamboo also. have not been in the ground long so they have not really taken off yet. i can go take some pics and post them too. the lotus smell very nice when they bloom but the leaves alone are enough reason to grow them!

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jaynboro(7 TN)

since this is the palm forum, and i am posting a couple bamboo pics, i am also posting a palm picture to qualify! ha ha
first pic is dulcis i believe (timber type)

next 2 photos are called spectabilis

sabal birmingham

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Wonderful pictures!!! Very impressed with all of the different plants. Your EE's are huge!!! Love the yard as well.

Did you make your pond? We are in the process of building a rock waterfall...but it has been "work in process" for over a year now!!! Hubby didn't like the way it flowed the first time so he took all of the rocks down and says that it needs to be angled differently...that was last year!!! LOL!!!

I think you had a Plumeria in one of the pics...great looking tree!!

Thank you for the great shots of your yard...you have done alot of work and the results show!!! Great Job!!!

Laura in VB

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


I forgot to mention on how cute your little dog is!!!
How old is the little cutie? He/she loves to pose for the pics!!!

Have a great day!!

Laura in VB

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Wonderful pics-

I love the layout of the yard too.

Did you over-winter you Alocasia?-
how many years old is it?

Nice Bamboo too!

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jaynboro(7 TN)

Laura in VB: Thanks! yes i built my pond about 4 years ago with the help of a friend of mine. it was not a quick or easy project, but all the rewards are definately worth the work! This was the first time my plumeria bloomed. bought it last year as a small "stick". was suprised how much it grew this year and was suprised with the yellow color as it was labeled something else. but i actually like the yellow better! my dog, Jack, is 3 months old and getting a picture of him is hard work as he is in constant motion going a hundred miles an hour-- most pics of him are just a dark, furry blurr! As far as the plants go, i am addicted and i have a problem! ha ha thanks for looking. oh, and good luck with your pond!

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jaynboro(7 TN)

jimhardy: yes i did overwinter the large upright ear in the greenhouse. i left one in the ground overwinter and its only about 2 feet tall now. the big one is one inch short of 5 feet tall. by the way, i have followed your pics over the past winter and spring and am really impressed with all you can grow in Iowa! great job. i also think you have a great house. i have always liked big old houses like yours.

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Looks great Jay,

I'll be moving back to The Boro later this week and will miss ahving all my palms here in Jacksonville.

Where in town do you live? My parents live near Siegel High on the northside.

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jaynboro(7 TN)

Jaxboro: I live on the north side also. Blackman/Florence road area. Bet you are really gonna have withdrawals this winter when you have to start wearing a coat! Sure would be nice to live in Florida but welcome back to the boro!

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Wow, nice yard my brother. Looks great. Nice job on the pond as well. Any tricks on getting the bouganvillia to bloom? I read that keeping them rootbound makes them bloom but mine is in a small pot (and fairly rootbound in my opinion) and still no blooms. I've tried full sun, part shade and they never bloom but they ARE healthy and I fertalize them regularly.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Looks cool Jay and I can appreciate your hard work.

What was that tall plant with the purple flowers and fuzzy leaves? Give Jack a pet and treat for me. I like dogs too.

How many years has you pindo palm been in the ground?

PS. I hope that bamboo is not the speading type. My neighbor has some type in his front (not as tall as yours) but its a nightmare to control. One year during a drought we opened a fire hydrant and it splashed onto the sidewalk where the bamboo was growing. That thing sent out a 4-6" runner onto the sidewalk to get the water in ONE day! It was scary growth.

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jaynboro(7 TN)

protempfish: no real tips at all on the bouganvillia. it blooms sporadically for me. the first year i had it, it got attacked by bugs and i had to fight to keep it alive. last year i repotted to a larger pot but needs a bigger one now because it is top-heavy and tips over every time it storms. this year it has bloomed or had bracts until a few days ago. now it is only green leaves but looks healthy. i do keep him in full sun.

brooklyngreg: that plant is called tibouchina or princess flower. it looks tall because i got down low to take a pic but its more of a shrub about 2 feet tall. (can get bigger if you let it). i bought the pindo last year but did not get to plant in the ground until this spring, so any tips would be welcome!

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