Cleaning bat droppings?

shelli563(zone 6 MA)June 30, 2006

A few days ago, I noticed scattered bat droppings on the front porch and in some nearby landscaping, not a significant amount. I need to disinfect the area since we are painting the house and putting in new landscaping in that area of the house. What is the best way to properly disinfect the groung and plants that have droppings?

Next step is trying to figure out where they are "camping out"...

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Many people have commented on bats living under the eaves of the porch overhang. They could even be under the siding. If you begin observing the area around dusk perhaps you can see where they are coming from. They can hang out in unbelievably small cracks and crevasses.

I'm not sure that I would worry about disinfecting the droppings. Use the hose to rinse everything off into the ground, where the droppings may do a little bit of good.

I see lots of bats swooping around us at night for which I am grateful, but I wouldn't appreciate them on the front porch, either. I have enough to worry about with my barn swallow family. ;-)

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I wouldn't worry too much about disinfecting. Guano (bat feces) is actually sold online, and I'm sure in other places, as a fertilizer. I am very sorry to say that I have some bats that I'm trying to get out of my attic. Their droppings land on my back roof. Last year I had a friend climb up there every week to take some back to his garden and he said it worked wonders!! I haven't researched exactly what is in it but I wouldn't be too quick to discard if you have some plants that could use some fertilizer. You might want to look it up before putting on veggies, though.

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Before you handle bat droppings put on a mask to cover your nose and mouth, use disposable gloves. Best to use the hose and water method. How do you know they are bat droppings? I like bats but putting up a bat house or shelter away from the dwelling might move them away from your front porch.

If you see a sick bat or one crawling on the ground call animal control if possible. I live in KCMO and rabid bats have been found in several parts of the city last year. No reports so far this one. Of the millions of bats out there it is very rare to have a problem. Bat guano is excellant fertilizer as sherribaby stated. Sun and water are great disinfectants I don't think you really need anything more.

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shelli563(zone 6 MA)

thanks all for the followups. i'm not exactly sure its bat droppings, but it looks like mice droppings only bigger, and it is very dry and breaks apart easily. it is only in areas on my porch and plants that indicates a flying animal. this is my first time experiencing bat droppings

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Recently I was asked to clean a neighbors attic. It is full of bat droppings. The person who lived there before became ill because there was so much bat droppings. Is it safe to clean, and what is the best method to clean an attic?

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shelli563, if they are bats they are most likely camping out under the eaves or similar dark areas. You can try using a mirror and beam the sun's reflection into these areas and watch for movement as the bats react to the light.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Speer, I haven't tackled a large job like that but there are some cautions you would need to take - eye and respiratory problems might result. If it's a significant amount of bat droppings, I think if it were me I might contact my county extension agent or local health department for direction.

For example, Illinois Dept Public Health -
"During the cleanup, seal heating and cooling air ducts or shut the system down. Only authorized cleanup personnel should be present.
The cleanup should be done by healthy individuals.
Wear a respirator that can filter particles as small as 0.3 microns.
Wear disposable protective gloves, hat, coveralls and and shoe coverings.
Moisten the droppings with a light mist of water to keep spores from becoming airborne and keep them wet.
Put droppings into sealed plastic garbage bags. The outside of the garbage bags should be rinsed off before they are placed in a disposal container.
When finished and while still wearing the respirator, remove protective clothing and place it in a plastic bag.
Wash or shower.
Check with local government agencies to verify that disposal of the waste is permissible through standard trash pickup.
Modify the structure to prevent birds or bats from reestablishing the roost. "

Other suggestions read that soap and water may be adequate for SMALL accumulations of droppings, which leads me to wonder if something stronger like a bleach solution would be required.

In any case, please be careful...

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