Trachycarpus maximus?

Davis1004(8a)July 24, 2014

The lady in the picture brought a 3 gallon Trachycarpus home from a local sale in 2006 and I planted it for her. The picture here was taken in January of this year. I have several Trachys in my yard. I have grown 3 or 4 different species of them from seed and most of the ones I have planted out have grown well - but this palm of hers is incredible. It's become a joke. After 8 years of explosive growth the original leaves have finally turned brown. It has flowered and produced seed for the past 3 years. I don't know of any other flowering Trachys within 5 miles of this palm and I wonder if a female palm will produce infertile seed without a pollinator. I tried sprouting a handful and got no germination at all. This palm is so contrary to my experience and reading that I have to brag about it a little. What's going on here?

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Hey Davis1004---- I have been lurking on this board for quite awhile and always thought of joining, but putting it off
until another time. When I saw the Trachycarpus maximus
photo my mouth dropped, joined the forum so that I could comment on it. Although I don't see any others beside my own (Trachys) in the Chicago area, I have seen them in Europe and other parts of the U.S.A., but never saw any that robust and stately, especially an 8 year old specimen. You've earned the right to brag.

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Wow, that is quite an incredible palm for sure! I have never seen trachys grow so fast! Do you have any pics of it growing up?
I got my trachy has a small 3 gallon palm in 2009 and it is NO WHERE near that size. The tallest fronds are almost up to my shoulders on mine, and that's with winter protection and fertilizer! If the offspring from that plant have as good of a growth rate as its mother, I think a lot of people would be interested in having such a beautiful and robust trachy. It's pretty rare for a trachy to keep so many old fronds, it must be very very happy.
Thanks for sharing!

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Lynn has been flattered at the attention her palm has gotten. A separate inquiry I made last week returned an explanation that a female Trachy can produce fruit WITHOUT the presence of male flowers though it will affect the fertility of the seed. So, I will continue to try to sprout fresh seed on a larger scale and make any sprouts available on eBay. We didn't start taking pictures of this plant until it started to flower in April 2011. There was nothing at all special about the site selection or preparation. It was as thoughtless as any of our adventures, but she added some soil on top of the trunk a few years ago when she saw some exposed roots. She may have mulched it with horse manure once, but that's about the only special care it may have gotten.

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December 2011

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What state is she located? It must be a warm zone 8 for such great growth.

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We are in zone 8a, but very close to 7b. Just 30 miles SE of Charlotte, NC.

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