Chamaerops humilis in bloom

subtropixJuly 14, 2010

This plant has become an annual bloomer. This is kind of after the peak (which was in May or June--don't remember now). This one is quite big and prickly. It is containerized--a smaller 'Vulcan' variety of Med. Fan is planted in the front--both are in very hot/sunny locations. I would consider planting it in the ground eventually because it's in the largest tub I have and I don't want it to go into eventual decline being confined to a pot. Just wish I know how to separate all those suckers from the mother plant! Ouch!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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That's not the right picture.--Just should be the one. Here goes...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It looks great! Nothing says a palm tree is happy more than some healthy blooms!
Thanks for sharing!

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I like these palms--very drought tolerant species. They should be hardy in zone 7 as long as you grow them in a well drained soil (sand, raised bed) in our wet winter climate. Ever notice how they are almost NEVER available in the big box stores--too prickly I guess for where most people in the North put there palms (the living room)--where mine NEVER goes.

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I dont see them for sale here too often and I agree, its probably because of the thorns. Mine isnt in a raised bed so when it rains, unfortunately, it gets soaked, but I do plan on keeping it free of moisture from early october to mid march so it stays very dry during the winter. Keeping it dry, and some x-mas lights in its protection should get it along just fine. I really like these palms. I enjoy them even when I see them in florida (among more tropical trees!).
Good luck!

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Only a couple of days ago when I said they weren't sold at HD. Well, guess what, went there this morning and saw a few nice big ones--anywhere from 18 inches for a squat multi suckering one, to a couple near solitaries with trunks (guessing 3.5-4 feet). Believe it or not, I almost passed it by--I have one really large Med fan, and one much smaller 'Vulcan' variety in the ground. Then I remembered that there is a tremendous amount of genetic variation among Chamaerops. I'm looking at the leaves and I realize the leaves look different from my other two. The leaves on this one are very fine and divided almost to the leaf petiole. 'Vulcan' has a very broad leaf--mine looks almost like a Chinese fan it's so broad, and the one I posted above is itermediate between the two. Will post a pic once I transplant from the ugly plastic pot and measure the thing. Oh, I forgot to tell you the price--$12.95!!

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josephine_sc(7/8 Clemson, SC)

Mine get tons of rain all winter but I have a very well draining site - top of a steep hill. I found three at Home Depot dirt cheap one fall and planted them in what I hope will eventually make a mini grove.

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I am in Maryland and the HD I hit has them. I finally capitulated and bought one on clearance yesterday. Ten bucks for a 3g.

I have two others. A small one that was another HD purchase last year. The winter did a job on it but it lives. Then I have a larger one that I bought online. It was shipped barerooted, which is a method I am convinced should go the way of the dodo bird, and it has been stressed all summer. Jury is out on that one.

Now comes #3. Perhaps the law of averages will win out. They are really nice looking palms, perhaps the most attractive of the hardy species. They stack up against most things tropical.

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