bottle palms before and after

andyandy(6bMI)July 24, 2012

Ave temp for July has been 91-72 (normally 84-64 for Detroit area. Only complaint is we need more rain. Here is a before and after shot for My bottles. the 1st pic was taken on 6-20 and the 2nd one last night.

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Wow it's amazing what 1 new frond can do to a smaller palm. Your bottles look great by the way. What type of sabal is that in the green pot in the background?

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Thank you for the knind words. I'm probably most proud of my bottle palms because I started them from seed. They have a great deeo maroon color I like to. Honestly I don't remember what kind of sabal it is. I think just a Sabal Minor. It's a slow grower. It just started pushing up its first new summer spear a few days ago. I've decided to just keep it potted. In the right window I can still see some growth in the winter.

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That's amazing that you started those bottles from seed! How old are they? They must be pretty old to be that size. I know they're slow growers if they'r anything like spindle palms. My spindles only used to push out 1 frond a summer, and they'd always get sunburnt, so I decided to send them to the compost. Yours look great though.

As for the Minor, mine are on their first frond of the summer. Not sure why it took them so long to get growing, especially with this hot summer we're having. One of them pushed out 5 fronds last summer, and my Louisiana did even more.

I remember you used to have a nice sized Robusta. Have you decided to try another one?

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I can't remember exactly when I started the bottles. My best guess is that I started them the winter of 07-08 on a heat mat annd next to a south facing window. Typically I get about two full fronds a summer and a new spear that doesn't do much all winter I do have two Filifera plants that I started in the 10-11 winter. They are now about a foot tall and are really shooting up in this heat.

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