Weedblock stopped Japanese Beetles (followup)

tristateJune 24, 2010

I posted a message on Peonies forum asking if anyone knew if Weeblock was effective against Japanese Beetles. I had covered a row of peonies w/it in anticipation of building a wall next season. (The row was 12 feet long x 4 feet wide with just a slit for each of the 7 bushes). I noticed no Japanese Beetles when I usually thought they'd be out- 1st&2nd weeks of June. I thought that was weird- people said just wait until flowers are gone and then they'd be out. Someone else said it might take longer for them to emerge b/c once they hatched, they'd have to crawl at least 1 1/2 feet to get from under the weedblock. (If they chose the wrong direction though, they'd have 2+feet before they ran into another plant).

Flowers have been completely gone for over a week now and STILL not even a sign of ONE. I didn't use any insecticide or milky spore and hung 2 pherome lures which caught some which I think may have been flying past.

Does anyone know if grubs were effected by last year's rain/cold (I'm in the Hudson Valley NY) so what I'm attributing to weedblock is actually a naturally phenomenon? Is it possible that I've killed off an entire season of beetles and stoppped the next generation of eggs being laid?!!

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