Weedblock stopped Jap Beetles & Grubs??!!

tristateJune 7, 2010

I'm flummoxed. I've got 7 peonies which have been annually attacked by Japanese beetles. I've used lures before and gotten 3-4 bags full, but still enough on the bushes to eat most flowers. I JUST bought milky spore but haven't applied it yet.

Low and Behold- so far- no beetles. And the peonies are blooming like crazy. The only thing I did differently this year was change the peony cages (double hoop) and applied a sheet of contractor grade weed block down the entire row of peonies. I just cut a hole for each plant 3 weeks ago before they bloomed. But still, the hole is letting the stray weed through, so it's not like there's a hermetic seal around the plant.

Does anyone know if weed block could've stopped the beetles from coming out?

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

I haven't seen any JBs yet this year. Don't think they are out yet in my area.

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stompede(z7 VA)

Any barrier can keep them from emerging from landscape beds. The issue is still turf, where most will likely emerge from. Not to mention the majority of Jap beetles in your yard came from your neighbors. We are just starting to see Jap beetles in my area. I'm personally expecting a low year for them, but the next year or two we may see an increase in them again.

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The "weed block" would not have anything to do with keeping Japanese Beetles from emerging from the soil, although it may delay them some as they search for a up and out. Since Japanese Beetles usually do not emerge until after the Peonies have finished blossoming (mid June or later) unless you are in south Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, etc.

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Hmm, interesting. I'll check this week as it's warmer and see if there's movement. I know they've been up on the flowers in the past years, not just after the flowers have died. I'll post if there's anything unusual which could be attributed to the weedblock. Kimmsr and Stompede-what do you think? The weedblock is 4 feet wide and my largest peony is maybe 2 feet in diameter so there's quite a bit of crawling to be done. Plus I really stapled down and all lawn clippings have been dumped on top of the weedblock to weigh it down (and cover the black). Any ideas about the possibility that even if they hatch, maybe the majority will find it hard to get out?

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I hardly think weedblock would have anything to do with it. You can take all the measures you want to deter JB's, but if your neighbors don't do it, and their neighbors don't do it, the JB's are going to fly in regardless. Having said that, I have never noticed JB damage on my peony foliage, since they show up after they're done blooming. This is the first year I've noticed beetles this early on in the season, not JB's or Masked Chafers, but another relative I'm sure. Sigh...

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