Plumeria has no leaves

tamij(7)April 3, 2010

I think I am overwatering my plumeria. I keep one of those water bulbs in it. It has no leaves now and it is in a pot that gets afternoon sun. I had 2 - i shrivelled up on me. I have no idea what I am doing with this plant - any quickie information would be appreciated - I can't wait to see the flowers on it. Should I put it outside in the ground? it's only 6 or 7 inches tall out of the top of the dirt. Other than that, it is green. Help a newbie! Thanks Tamij

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Forget the water bulb - let it dry out completely. Water very sparingly. Here in Hawaii we don't even water ours - even during long drought periods. When I plant one here I just stick a cutting in the ground, and usually it gets roots and leaves on its own. I only lose one occasionally. Of course won't be as easy there - but shows you how little water they really need. Water once in a while - mist occasionally- don't baby it so much. Thats my personal opinion - but others here will give you better potting advice - reread some of the previous posts also.

Good luck and Aloha

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Its hard for dry conditions to kill a plumeria, but if its too wet it will die easily. I would let it completly dry out and in about 2 weeks give it some epsom salt with a little water and keep it dry until you notice it starting to grow. If it doesnt start to grow in 3 weeks from then (and isnt dead) then give it some water and fertilzer very high in nitrogen. If its alive it will start to grow. Once it gets a good set of leaves and is out in the warm summer sun, you can give it water every day and it will really like it, but until then, its better to keep it a little dry.

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Thanks for the information. I took the water bulb out and letting it dry out. Looking for a good place out front of house to put it. I have it in a large container and hope one day to plant outside! That seems far away. Epson salt dissolved in water? Again, thanks for the information! Tami

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