Immature female squash blossoms dying (not blossom rot)

kemom09June 24, 2009

I keep finding immature female yellow crook necked squash blossoms on my plant where the squash is turning yellow and shriveling while the blossom remains intact and healthy. I can't figure out what could be causing this? We harvested two healthy squash from this plant just two days before I began finding these. Can anyone help?

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More than likely those blossoms did not get polinated and if they do not get pollinated they will simply shrivel up and die.
If this is happening to most of your blossoms you may need to hand pollinate.

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I have the same problem. The flowers are not opening to get pollinated. Today I pried an almost open flower the rest of the way open and pollinated it myself. I'll see how that works out.

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