direct sunlight vs. filtered sunlight

jifjifjif(9b-Florida)March 23, 2013

here is a picture of my house and how I have my peppers set up. they get direct Sun for about 6 hours from 8 o'clock until 2 o'clock but as you can see theyre in the screen room. what is the difference between putting them outside or keeping them just inside the screen room as far as light goes.

Muchas Gracias.

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I'm OutsidE In My Back Yard, Taking A Picture Into My Screened Porch.

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If you keep them in the screen room you might want to rotate the plants 180 degrees (turn them around) every few days in order to keep the plant growing somewhat uniform...especially if you notice the growth leaning toward the light over time.

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What you have is "Filtered" sunlight, which is fine for now, but as your plants get older like the one on the left, you will want to get them out into full sun as much as possible unless your temps are constantly in the upper 90's or hotter, then the filtered sun would be better. It probably isn't filtered a whole lot through screen but still full sun is better and getting them outside will likely allow longer direct sun than 6 hours per day. That being said, they will still probably grow and produce where they are at.

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Thank You, Bruce.

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Just FYI, that plant of the left is what started as a "Ghost Pepper" kit where you buy the nicely decorated aluminum can with the seeds already down inside the can. The members on this forum have identified the plant as a Dorset Naga, though. Either way, the peppers are HOT. I ate a ripe small pod right off the plant a month ago and it took about 45 minutes until all heat was gone. I went through 3 glasses of milk in the first 15 minutes too.

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