Botched transplant job. Is it going to recover?

tropicgal(9b CA)April 5, 2013

I was trying to move a young Plumeria to a different spot in the yard, and accidentally broke off a bunch of roots. Now it just has a short fringe of roots.

1. Will it survive if I just re-plant it? If so, how many inches deep should I plant it?

2. Should I take a cutting from it and try to root that instead?

I bought this as a 1 gallon plant last fall at a Plumeria show, and planted it last October.

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If those roots are healthy then you should have no problem re-establishing it. It shouldn't even skip a beat hardly. Just replant it, stake it and you're good to go! I would plant 3-4" deep.

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If you can keep it on the dry side for a couple of weeks to help those roots start growing and searching for moisture.

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I have found that plumeria roots regrow with no problem, as long as the plumeria is healthy to begin with.

When I started trying to root cuttings after YEARS OF FAILURES, I had gone with the egg method. I started my cuttings in small water bottles. When it was time to remove the rooted cutting from the bottles(I wait until the bottle is full of roots to the point where your watering every day)I would slice the bottles open on opposite sides and then carefully remove the root ball. I cannot tell you how many times I would end up ripping the roots and end up with a bunch of roots that were maybe 2 inches long.

I still planted them in the larger container, and watered as I usually would and within a few weeks, those small roots will start growing all over again.

It has been 3-4 years now since I started growing plumeria again, and I have to say, these trees are not the delicate, tropicals that I thought they were. They really can take a beating and still fully recover and grow and be beautiful.

I really wouldn't worry to much about your tree. If your planting it in the ground though, I would make sure your staking it so the tree doesn't move if/when you have windy conditions.


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I agree with kms2. Keep it on the dry side, give it some Root Excelerator and it will grown new roots if kept warm. The biggest danger in my opinion is keeping them too wet when this happens.

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