My office flooded

Lisa_H OK(7)August 9, 2011

I wish that meant we had had that much rain :) We are on the third floor. However, I did get a 1/2 of rain in my backyard. Hallelujah!

The wind that swept through ripped the sheathing (?) off the roof, flooding the top floor, which flowed through the floor to our floor. The damage is certainly not as bad as it could be, mostly squishy carpet and some desk and paper damage. No computer or file damage, thank goodness!!! The computer is backed up off site, but I didn't relish trying to see how well that really worked.

However, this is the second flood in a month. The A/C unit went crazy last month and flooded the back part of our office, which is the one dry spot this time!

What a way to force us to clean up the office!

We are waiting on the carpet sucking people to get here and start removing water.


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Ohhhhh nooooo....this is not good! Your office building people are having a time of it, not to mention what YOU are going through!

I'm sorry...hope the "carpet sucking people" do a good job for you :~(


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WOW, Lisa, 1/2 inch... that is GREAT. I was out, eating pizza when the mess blew through. Glad my car didn't get damaged.

On the news it said we had up to 63 mph winds in the OKC area, but up near Enid it was a WHOLE bunch more.


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joellenh(6b Jenks)

Oh no! Will the carpet sucking people get it dry enough to prevent mold?


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Lisa_H OK(7)

Jo, they said the fans had to be there for three days, if the carpets aren't dry by then, they have to start removing sheetrock. I think it will dry though, we don't have any padding under the carpet, and it is an extremely low pile berber type. We are hoping they replace all of it, the carpet is more than 10 years old.

We had big area rugs over the carpet, they had to drag those off to get cleaned.

Our desks are most likely totaled, which doesn't hurt my feelings too much. They were beautiful to look at, but if you so much as looked cross eyed at the surface it would nick.

Moni, I thought I heard there was 90 plus mile per hour winds last night. It was pretty touchy for a while. The tree in my backyard tried very hard to take out the electrical line to my house.

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Lisa, Didn't I warn you that bad things would happen to you if you kept raising those hornworms. LOL

At least you got rain. Carol

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Lisa, you prolly should call your electric company and get that tree trimmed before bad things happen.

Are branches touching the line? If so, the electric company should take care of it.

Otherwise, I might be able to help get it trimmed. Let me know, if you want me to come and look.


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Lisa, Somehow I missed the part about the electric line, but Moni is right. In our area the electric company will come and mark the tree and fill out a workorder and at some point a contractor will come in and trim it. In our area this is not a fast process, so you probably need to call them as soon as possible.

A few years ago, my neighbor's huge tree split and half of it fell. It all fell in my garden (but it was winter). It looked so weird because it broke high enough in the tree that it didn't take down my fence, and it laid down straight across the yard, missing the house, and storage buildings, etc. It filled the whole yard but didn't hurt anything except the electric line. It was such a large tree that the limbs held it up off the ground so while it lowered the line by several feet, it didn't take it to the ground and didn't break the line.

When the winter storm was over, I heard chain saws one day in the neighborhood, but I knew it wasn't my next door neighbor because he was working out of town. Next thing I knew I heard the chain saw in the back yard and a knock on the door that they were going to cut up the tree. It was just a group of neighbor guys who decided to clean up the fallen trees in the neighborhood. We went out and helped drag little stuff to the burn pile. They spent the day just cleaning up stuff up for everyone. I have great neighbors....well except for the slugs that we sometimes get in the rentals. Our gasoline bill sure got better when the last ones moved out, and we weren't the only ones losing gasoline.

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Lisa_H OK(7)

I walked into a fresh new flood today. The rain we got last night? All of it went straight through the holes in the roof to the 4th floor, which dripped onto ours. The mulitple dehumidifiers' tubing was spewing water into overflowing buckets, which was flowing right back onto the floor. Nice.

We moved most of the electronics, taking all our computers home, so we could work from there.

Moni and Carol, I'll check the line out there. It might be the cable line.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


This would have been a great week to be out of town!

Hope it all gets back to normal soon.


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