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esox07March 23, 2011

I planted several different species of hot peppers about three weeks into January. I did this because I was trying to start some Ghost peppers and they need a lot of head start in my area (South Central Wisconsin). Well the Ghosts are doing great but I think I may be too early on the others. My Banana Peppers look like they are already forming buds. If they do flower, can I try to manually pollinate them and then transplant them in about 7 or 8 weeks when it will be safe to get them outside? Or would I be wasting my time. I am afraid some of my other varieties might start budding out soon too. (Long red Slim, Charleston and Habanero). This is my first year doing the seed thing so I hope someone else with a little more expertise can lend a little advice.

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I would just keep them going, but definitely clip the flowers. I put out some super chilis once that had already set fruit, and it took a long time for them to really start producing their main crop. I think once they have fruit, they prioritize where their energy goes, and work on the one or two fruits rather than growing roots and setting out more leaves. This seems to slow everything down.

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If the plants are too small and they do form fruit, it will take them a long time (if at all) to catch up to the others.

But, chances are, the blooms will drop on their own.

Since you say they are too big already, maybe leaving the blooms on will slow them down a bit for now, and you can worry about whether or not to pluck the blooms later when it's closer to time to plant them outside.

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Ok, I will clip the buds when the get a tad bigger. They are not even showing any flower yet, just the bud. I want to ensure they are actually going to be flowers and not leaf buds but I am pretty sure they are flowers. Thanks guys.

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