Peppers and tomatoes and herbs, oh my!

walkie74March 29, 2014

Hi guys,

I'm currently growing a ghost pepper seedling in a grow box, along with a tomato seedling and parsley. I've got 4 9w bulbs as grow lights (I can go up to six), and the ambient temp is around 80 in the box. I have fans I can connect, if needed, and I plan on watering around once a week. I'll probably transplant in four weeks, around the middle of April. My question is this: Is my setup too hot for the rest of my plants?

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80 is OK for the pepper plant and should be for the others as well. It would be nice if the temps dropped a little when the lights are not one though. Your plants can all expect daytime temps in the 80's and higher during the summer so 80 should be fine in the box. And I suggest you water based on need rather than a set schedule. Peppers do well when they are allowed to get nearly dry between waterings. They don't like constant moisture.

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