Bhut Jolokia flowers

capt_saicinMarch 15, 2011

Just curious...

I have 8 BJs that are about 5 mos. old an beginning to flower and produce fruit. I have notived some of the flowers have 4 petals while most have 5. I help pollinate by tickling the flowers in the late afternoon and have about 3 fruit on some plants and 5+ on others with more trying immature fruits trying to "hang on".

I have not bothered to track this but was curious if anyone knows of any correlation to the # of flower petals and likelyhood of fruit forming and or maturing?

Like I said just curious.

Thanks in advance... The Capt.

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I've never grown them before, however are these indoor plants? If they are from this season i wouldn't think you would want blooms yet because the plants would be pretty small and immature

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I planted two of my Bhuts on January 11th and they are already starting to produce buds after only about 10 weeks. I am in Zone 4, South central Wisconsin so it will be a good 7 to 8 weeks before I can put them outside for good. Should I just snip them off as they appear of is there another solution that might be better. I am worried that if I snip them for too long, they will just give up trying to produce blooms after a while.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Snip them.
Don't worry, the plant will produce plenty of blooms later.
I snip mine all throughout the Winter, and I snip any blooms when they go into the garden.


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