Blooms for Easter

jandey1(TX8)April 8, 2012

No, no plumeria blooms yet, but a few others have graced the garden for me.

Floribunda (can't remember the name):

Bletilla, or ground orchid:

Can you find all the plumies?

It's not spring in Texas without the Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush.

Happy Easter, everyone.

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Here's my contribution to the Easter Parade.


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Wow, what beauty. Thanks for sharing, brightened my day looking at those beautiful photos. Clearly you both have more than a passion for flowers, but photography as well. Fantastic photos.

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Peg, that flower is stunning! What is it? I see you caught some Wild Kingdom death match on one of the petals, too.

Wendy, thanks! I do love me some flowers, and I still get so excited when people post their photos here. Always a nice way to start the day!

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Thanks Jen, It is a clematis. I liked that one so much I just planted 3 more vines this spring. I never saw the bug until after I looked at the pics. Love your garden and that sea of Bluebonnets is outstanding. Everything looks so healthy. Hope everyone had a good Easter. Peg

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Peg, is that a purple fountain clematis? I have 3 of them, but they are not blooming yet. Barbra

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Hi Barbra, I bought it as Crystal Fountain Clematis but it might also be known as purple fountain. The flowers are just starting to open and in a few more days I should have about 6 more blooms. The vine got cut in Feb. as it was in a pot and I moved it into the ground. I had to cut it off the fence so I could drop it down out of the pot. I know you are suppose to cut it back but this is the first time I've cut it in 4 years. I think the warm winter has it blooming a couple of weeks earlier this year. Here's more bloom opening. Peg

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Great photos...

and BTW, "Wild Kingdom death match"... ROTFL... :)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Great Pictures Jen and Peg!!!

Happy Easter to you all!!!

I will have to post a single bloom that i have on one of my trees... It isnt much, but it is a bloom!!!

I need to upload to photobucket...

Peg... as i was looking at the pic, i could see the extra visitor ... wonder where the "winner is?" LOL..

Take care,


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