Lady Palms turning yellow and not growing

NewGardener1975July 22, 2014

Hi everyone!

I planted 4 lady palms in my yard last November (I live in Berkeley, CA) and though they started off green, the leaves have now turned quite yellow. The plant doesn't look like it's dying, just yellowing. I have it watered with my drip irrigation and each gets about a half gallon a week. I also give it a little Miracle Gro Shake n Feed for Palms 3 times a year.

Also, I was hoping that the palms will grow taller than my fence and become a bit of a screen but it doesn't seem to have grown at all. Is there something I am doing that is stunting it's growth?

I've tried reading up on the net but not getting much. Hoping someone here can help.


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plant always yellows in sun (at least in most areas)... not a great plant for full sun for that reason.

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I was going to say that about the sun. (Your golden Cali sun is so strong too!) They do do best in either shade or protected from the midday sun. Also, 1/2 gallon of water a week sounds meager to me. These palms are big time water lovers with POOR drought tolerances. A species such as Chamaerops (European Fan Palm) would be a better choice for the location.

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Thanks all for the feedback. I think I may move this plant some place else then.

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I've got a couple growing in complete shade. They're slow, but look good.

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Nice looking plants. That's quite an investment in choice palms. I have to agree though- they are not palms for full sun and staying green. UC Berkeley does have a row of a related Lady palm that might get a half day of sun. They have held green on that.
I myself have one that's just now recovering in part shade from a severe gopher attack two years ago. My plant just wilted,some canes died...and its just barely coming back. Ah,when it was on my porch, it was a showy plant. Also,one last- they like a liberal watering schedule. Some of that burn might be from too dry and sun rather then just the sun.

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A lot of tropical plants can take very strong sun while relative humidity is high. Take away the humidity and they'll burn, even with much lower levels of sun.

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